A business that isn't running as efficiently as possible is quickly going to fall behind the competition. Unfortunately, implementing time-saving ideas and programs is often easier said than done, and many management teams actually waste time trying to come up with new solutions. Here is a look at four proven ways to improve the efficiency of a company without completely changing the way you do business.

Open the Lines of Communication

Having an open door policy throughout your company is one of the easiest ways to improve efficiency. Even relatively minor communication problems between your employees can end up costing you hours of valuable time and huge sums of money. Every single person who is on your staff should feel comfortable communicating with one another and their superiors to quickly solve problems.

Stop Upgrading Your Hardware

Your company will regularly need to upgrade its hardware, but purchasing more gadgets every time that a new model comes out can bog your employees down. Even the most tech-savvy staff members might need to spend multiple days learning new systems, and it could be months before you notice any benefits from upgrading your hardware. Before upgrading your company's computers or phones, you first need to consider how long it will be before you see a return on that investment.

Automate With Reliable Software

In addition to the basic software that every company needs, you might also benefit from harnessing the power of time-saving apps and programs that will help you bypass monotonous and repetitive tasks. Options such as auto-login software—such as Joinesty—voice-to-text programs, and automatic payroll systems could free up hundreds of hours of time every year without having to make any changes to your daily routines.

Eliminate Redundant Positions

Having too many people try to solve a single problem or complete a project can bring your business to a grinding halt. In addition to communication problems, those who are in redundant positions often get into a battle of egos. The chain of command throughout your company should be simple, straightforward, and streamlined for maximum efficiency. You should never have any issues with multiple teams or managers becoming tied up in layers of bureaucracy.

Not only will improving your company's efficiency increase your profit margins, but it can also make your business much more pleasant to work for. These few tips will allow you to avoid unreliable technology, communication problems, unnecessary office politics, and countless other issues that tend to slow companies down.

Author's Bio: 

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.