Bruises, also known as contusions, typically occur when the small blood vessels under the skin are damaged or ruptured. Bruises can happen due to various reasons such as hitting or banging against objects or hard surfaces, painstaking exercises, and delicate condition of the skin. Both children and adults are prone to bruises and therefore it is definitely wise to keep some effective home remedies for bruises close at hand. One of the best natural cures for bruises is to apply St. Johns Wort oil to the affected area everyday. Take some flowers of this plant, put them in a large-mouthed jar with a lid, and pour olive oil into the jar until the flowers are covered. Tightly close the jar and put it at a warm place for 4 to 6 weeks. Then, strain the oil through a strainer into a bottle.

St. John's Wort possesses antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and healing properties and can reduce swelling. Mix tincture of this plant with an organic oil and rub this mixture on the bruised area. This will promote healing of the bruising. Egg is also an excellent home remedy for bruises. After hard boiling the egg, cover it with cheesecloth. Break the egg into pieces and rub the cheesecloth on the bruise for quite a few minutes. Do this several times daily.

Arnica, with its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities, can improve the healing process of a bruise. This herb is available in various forms, including cream, oil, gel, and tincture. Do not use Arnica if the skin is broken. Another one among the home remedies for bruises is vinegar. Make a mixture of vinegar and warm water and apply it on the affected area. Bilberry extract is very effective in bruise healing because of its antioxidant properties and the ability to raise the levels of vitamin C. It can also work together with collagen and improve the capillary wall.

Vitamin K and Vitamin C are essential for the healing of bruises. Applying a vitamin K cream on the bruise is one of the good home remedies for bruises. Cabbage is a rich source of both these vitamins and also has anti-inflammatory properties.. Take a few leaves of fresh cabbage, break their ridges, put them in very warm water, and then apply the leaves to your bruise. Aloe vera is also found to be beneficial for healing bruises. Rub aloe vera gel on the bruise and leave it there for a few minutes.

Onions have anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties and therefore can certainly be used for treating bruises. Cut a raw onion and put it on the bruised area for about 20 minutes. Otherwise, chop up a raw onion and mix it with two to three tablespoons of salt. Place this mixture over the bruise and use a bandage or cloth to keep it on the bruise overnight. This is one of the very effective home remedies for bruise and will reduce the pain and swelling associated with the bruising. You can also place an ice pack on the bruised area to reduce the swelling.

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