It is very interesting to know that you can cure a broken bone or fracture with some home remedies for broken bones. The medical treatment for fracture usually consists of applying a cast or brace and a few analgesic pain medications. There are certain home remedies that can fasten the healing process of the broken bone and reduce the pain, swelling, and discomfort associated with the fracture. For example, the root of American spikenard, a perennial herb with several medical qualities, has traditionally been used as a poultice to heal fracture. It helps the body to absorb calcium, reconstruct bones, and diminish swelling.

Andiroba oil, one among the commonly suggested home remedies for broken bones, can provide you relief from the fracture pain. This medicinal oil contains anti-inflammatory properties and has widely been used to treat cuts and injuries. Arjuna bark is an effective and widely used remedy for fractures. Apply a paste of Arjuna bark on the affected area and drink a decoction of the bark with milk to speed up the healing procedure of your broken bone. Horsetail, scientifically known as Equisetum arvense, is another herb that can be helpful in treating bones and cartilages.

Horsetail plant is a rich source of silica and has a small amount of calcium. Silica facilitates the healing of fracture and stimulates the formation of collagen, a protein that is essential for healthy bones. This medicinal herb is available in powdered and liquid forms. It must be noted that pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid using this herb. Comfrey, a further therapeutic plant, enjoys an important place among the home remedies for broken bones. Make a paste of Comfrey and boil it along with some water. Take a cotton material, spread the Comfrey paste on it, and then apply the cloth over the fracture area. Use an elastic band to secure the cloth in place. Comfrey also should not be used by pregnant women and lactating mothers.

Teasel root, which is available in pills, extracts, and tea forms, is also a good home remedy for broken bones. Teasel is widely used in Chinese medicine to treat skeletal system, including bones, ligaments, and tendons. One of the simple home remedies for broken bones is to apply heat for thirty minutes, thrice a day, to the broken bone area. The pain and swelling around the fracture site can be decreased by applying an ice pack every 15 minutes for the initial two initial days.

Drinking at least five glasses of green tea everyday can speed up the healing of fracture. It has been noted that pineapple is beneficial to accelerate the process of bone fracture repair. Bromelain contained in this fruit can provide relief from pain and swelling and therefore it is advisable to eat half a pineapple daily until the bone fracture is totally cured. Also, you should abstain from smoking, eating foods that contain preservatives, and drinking caffeine and colas. Include calcium-rich foods like milk, green vegetables, and parsley in your diet.

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