There are so many reasons why we have dry hair – the kind that looks and feels parched, brittle, frizzy .and unmanageable.

There are also so many products in the market that promise to transform your hair, assuring us that using X product with give you supple, shiny, nourished hair; that Y product will "repair" dryness, damage and even split ends. Lotions, conditioners, shampoos, serums and other products abound, each promising to alleviate the problems of dry hair.

Products have limited effect on dry hair. If a product promises to 'mend' split ends, this is just eyewash. There is no way to repair split ends and no way to get rid of them except to cut them off. Yes if to take care of your hair effectively, you may be able to prevent split ends in the future.

Using a conditioner after washing hair is a good idea because it helps to detangle hair and reduce hair breakage to an extent. A good quality conditioner and can effectively control frizz and help add some shine to the hair.

But the concept that shampoo or conditioner can somehow nourish the hair and help it grow can be rather farfetched. If fact harsh chemicals present in the shampoo can actually rob hair of natural oils and strip moisture from the hair, making it look dull and dry and actually exacerbating the dryness.

What really helps with dry hair then? Well one thing that can really help combat dry hair is good genes! Our hair is genetically programmed to be a certain way and very often artifice and cosmetics may have limited ability to change this. So far science has offered no way to exchange our genes for others!

However sometimes it could be hormonal problems that cause hair to dry out. For instance menopause can make hair dry and coarse and getting treatment for controlling menopause symptoms could resolve the issue to an extent.

Eating healthy and being healthy. A good diet that is rich in nutrients and natural ingredients nourishes the body including not only the organs but also the skin and the hair. If you eat healthy and are healthy, this will often reflect in shiny, lustrous, healthy hair. While a good diet will not show results immediately, in the longer run it may mean healthier, better looking hair.

Apart from a good diet, exercise, the other determinant of a fit and healthy body can also help since it helps to boost blood circulation in the body which can in turn stimulate hair growth.

Massage is effective in stimulating the scalp to produce natural nourishment for the hair and can help to improve hair condition. Many experts recommend hot oil massage to the scalp as an effective way to combat dry hair. Traditionally coconut oil and olive oil are good options.

Natural remedies for better hair such as eggs, yoghurt, vinegar and even fruit such avocados and banana, when applied directly to the hair could have positive impact by acting as a natural conditioner for the hair.

Being kind to the hair also works! Reducing the amount of heat, chemicals and colors that you put on your hair will also help reduce dryness.

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The author believes in using natural home remedies to combat common ailments. Simple problems like dandruff and hair loss can be controlled easily. Find recipes for faster hair growth. Also recipes for natural hair color dyes that you can use to color hair at home.