Many people are asking how to lose weight in the shortest period of time possible. It so seems that everyone just wants to lose weight quickly.

The following tips should help you lose weight really fast. However, before we get started, I want to disagree with the notion that just because you are aging, you will become fat and unhealthy. It is true that your body's metabolic rate will change and slow down as you age; but this does not mean that you must become fat. If you really look closely at your lifestyle, you can make changes so that you can still remain slim even as you age! By making healthy lifestyle changes, you will be both able to change your body as well as do it safely without risking your health.

First of all, you should start by drinking a lot of water. Most people may think that water is too plain tasting; but water is able to help you flush out toxins from your body and also prevent water retention. Water retention is the phenomenon where your body retains water, causing you to look bloated and chubby. You should always keep yourself hydrated with water. Sports drinks are not as beneficial. This is because they usually contain high sugar content and will cause a insulin and blood sugar level rush, causing your metabolism to slow down.

Next of all, you should put a small slice of fresh lemon into the water you are about to drink. It will help to make the water alkaline so that your body will readily absorb it. Drink this lemon water several times throughout the day to help reduce the chances of water retention. Detoxing is important if you want to lose weight quickly. To add on, you can also add a small amount of cayenne pepper to your lemon water as well.

Finally, you should definitely seek to lower your intake of salt. Otherwise known as sodium, salt will cause your body to retain water. The worst sources of salt will be table salt as well as canned food. Definitely avoid these foods as much as possible and you should be able to see quick, visible results relatively soon!

The above diet changes should stimulate fast weight loss; but it is also good to exercise on top of making these changes. This is so that you can build up some muscles, which will increase your metabolic rate, to lose even more weight even on a passive basis!

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