Pain and discomfort in the knees can make everyday tasks seem pretty daunting and can obstruct your routine work. Due to the pain in the knee, you are not able to perform your routine work like simple walking and climbing up stairs. In that condition, you may need to ensure that your knees may get proper rest that may help your bones and muscle in recovering from the extreme pain.

If you are clueless about how to get relief from this health condition, then there are numerous ways to manage this condition. There are some effective home remedies to treat knee pain that may prove helpful, but one of the most effective ways is acupressure.

Working on specific acupressure points that are located in your knees and can speed up the recovery from the severe pain. In this blog, you are going to get to know about the specific points located in this area that can help you in relieving this pain.

Before you start the acupressure, you have to keep such things in your mind. If you have some serious or life-threatening diseases such as heart disease, cancer, then you should consult about these conditions with the professional before undergoing acupressure therapy.
Notice: After the massage, one should drink plenty of warm water. It will help you by clearing the toxic substances from the body.

Calf's Nose – It is located just below the kneecap in the outer indentation. By massaging this point, you will help you in getting relieve knee pain, knee stiffness, rheumatism of the feet, and edema (swelling).

Sunny Side of the Mountain – It is the point that is located outside of the lower leg, just below and in front of the top of the shinbone. Excessive knee pain, muscular tension, aches, and muscle strains can be relieved by the acupressure on this point.

Three Mile Point – For finding this point, you have to measure four fingers from the below of the kneecap and it is just located on the outside of the shinbone. By working on this point, you can strengthen your whole body and tone your muscles and relieve them from the knee pain.

Commanding Activity – On working on the part, you will get the relief from the stiffness and knee pain. For identifying this point, you just have to see on the outside of the knee, where the crease ends and the knee is bent. At that place, you will get this pressure point.

Nourishing Valley – It is the point between the two tendons and the inner edge of the knee crease. By performing acupressure on this point may get relief from knee pain and abdominal pain.

Crooked Spring – It is the point on the side of the knee. You can also find this place when you bent your knee and the place where the crease ends. By massaging this point, you will get relief from the fibroids, knee pain, and swelling in the knee.
Shady Side of the Mountain – You will find this point just at the top of the shinbone. All knee problems, swelling, varicose veins, edema, water retention, and cramps get instant relief when you massage at this point.

Commanding Middle – It is the point located at the center of the back of the knee. If you massage at this place, you will get relief from knee pain, stiffness, back pain, and sciatica.

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