Thanks to a plethora of editing software, it doesn't take much to edit photos like a pro.

Most likely you have a lot of photos that could use some touching up and editing. If so you are not alone. Unfortunately not all of us are blessed with a knack for photography. However, even the best professionals have to edit their photographs. That being said many amateur photographers do not know where to start when it comes to editing your photos. Thankfully it is not as difficult as you may think.

The key to editing a photograph is to really keep it simple. Many photo editing programs have lots of bells and whistles that can be overwhelming to a beginner. Rather than letting that intimidate you take your time to learn each function on its own.

One of the best editing tools to start with is the cropping tool. When you crop a photo you are trimming out the bits that you do not want to have. This can help to clean up an image, make a stronger focal point for the photograph, or allow you to feature only one thing from a cluttered photograph. While the tool may operate slightly differently from photo editing program to photo editing program, the concept is the same. Basically you will use the tool to create a box around your photograph. You will then be able to pull in the sides of that box to essentially "cut" the photograph down.

Another useful tool is the red eye tool. Many photographs are ruined by the red eyes that sometimes emerge as a result of the flash. Thankfully, today you do not have to toss those red eyed photographs. Instead, with your digital photo editing program you can correct those red eyes. All that you have to do is select the red eye tool and that will allow you to pinpoint the "red eyes." You simply use that tool to click the red area and it will instantly darken the area ridding your photograph of those glowing eyes.

There is also a tool that you can use to brighten the image. This tool will help you salvage those photographs that you would have previously discarded because of a lack of light. Thankfully with your computer you are able to instantly brighten the image.

You can also sharpen any photographic image. Amateur photographers snap what would be a great picture, but find that it is just a bit out of focus. Again a digital photo editing tool can help save that picture. All that you need to do is open up the photograph into your editing program and then select the sharpen tool.

When you select that tool the computer will attempt to clarify your image. While it cannot rescue extremely blurred images it can help to refine a slightly blurry photograph which may end up being one of your favorites.

While you should continue to hone your skills as a photographer, you do not have to be an expert to create some great photographs. Thankfully with your digital photo editing program you can take your less than stellar photographs and turn them into works of art!

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