It can happen anywhere in the body, painful swelling that is caused from fluid retention and is known as edema. Some cases can be physiological and it is usually due to any underlying cause. Inflammation, lymphatic obstructions, retention of sodium and interstitial disturbance in pressure can all attribute to the symptoms. Edema cure is based on careful diagnosis and identifying the underlying cause.

Some of the symptoms of edema can be caused by sitting for long hours, excess amounts of salt in the diet, congestive heart failure and extreme temperature. Another reason can be pregnancy. If there is a disturbance with the capillaries and the pressure is affected fluids can leak and invade the tissues that surround them. The excretory system will compensate for this loss and this leads to more fluid in the tissues.

The most common place on the body to see this in is in the legs and ankles, this can happen with pregnancy, deep vein thrombosis and congestive heart failure. In the case of kidney problems, it is present around one's eyes and their legs. With poor lymphatic drainage, it is noted where lymph nodes and blood vessels are deficient.

It can also effect internal organs such as the lungs and the heart. Pitting is noticeable when pressure is applied to the areas that are swollen. When this condition occurs the skin will appear to be shiny and distended and it will be painful due to the skin stretching.

Diagnosis is based on the specific cause and area. Pattern of appearance, duration and onset are very important in diagnosis. A CT scan or ultrasound of the abdomen is done to rule out any abnormalities of the kidney or liver and an echocardiogram is done to assess the heart. If deep vein thrombosis is suspected a doppler study is done on the lower limbs and a chest x-ray if pulmonary edema is suspected.

Identifying the cause is the first step to treating edema. A low sodium diet is a good place to start with mild to moderate exercise to help move fluid in the affected part. Elevation above the heart for a few minutes is advised as is sleeping with the foot of the bed slightly elevated. Support stockings help move the fluid from the lower limbs.

Conventional medicines offer temporary relief from the symptoms, diuretics will ease the fluid buildup but will not eliminate the problem. Natural medicine modalities train the organs to function optimally. Ayurvedic herbs work by safely and quickly eliminating excess fluid from the body and symptoms such as bloating, pitting and swelling are relieved.

Treating the entire body, finding natural solutions and balancing the internal systems will offer fast and lasting relief. Taking herbs helps to maintain interstitial pressure and keep the fluids in the body balanced. Using biotechnological imprints of healthy kidneys and bladders teaches the organs to function at their optimum levels.

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