Technology has always played a vital role in the extensive development of mankind. From the invention of the wheel to the autonomous vehicle, and many more bespoke technologies with the potential to transform lives for the better, have been and will continue to be conceived out of our curiosity and necessity.

ECOVACS ROBOTICS, headquartered in Suzhou, China, comprehends and acknowledges the ‘necessity’ part when it comes to conceiving and delivering cutting-edge home service robotics products.

Founded in 1998, ECOVACS is dedicated to the ongoing investment of home service robotics value chain and technologies, from integration of chips and sensors to managing data and AI to drive the revolution of traditional home care to automated home care.

Pertaining to its unwavering foothold and profound expertise in this industry and global operations, ECOVACS has gained a deep understanding of user cases to offer a range of robot products, including robotic vacuum cleaner DEEBOT, air purifying robot AIRBOT, and window cleaning robot WINBOT to its global clientele.

Based on its consistent technology innovation, competitive product performance, and branding, ECOVACS’ products have been chosen by over 30 million users in more than 80 countries and regions.

A Benchmark of Excellence

ECOVACS launched its first robotic vacuum cleaner DEEBOT in 2007, and it is the world’s first brand innovated vacuuming and mopping 2-in-1 robot products, freeing users from the time-consuming housework of cleaning homes.

As the development and innovation in key technology aspects of robotic vacuum cleaner progressed, in 2020 the company launched DEEBOT OZMO T8 family worldwide, including DEEBOT OZMO T8 AIVI, DEEBOT OZMO T8, Auto-Empty Station, OZMOTM Pro Mopping System, and more.

DEEBOT OZMO T8 AIVI pushes the AI application and robot mapping and navigation technology to a new height. It features ECOVACS’ upgraded AIVITM (Artificial Intelligence and Visual Interpretation) technology and TrueMapping – laser-based mapping and navigation technology.

AIVITM technology is used for automatically recognizing obstacles when moving and avoiding them accordingly. While TrueMapping technology integrates dToF sensor, an aerospace-level distance detection sensor, to plan an efficient cleaning path faster in various indoor environment.

On top of adopting the revolutionary TrueMapping technology, DEEBOT OZMO T8 also features a TrueDetect 3D technology, the instant 3D obstacle detection and avoidance technology, which results in ten times more accurate in obstacle detection precision than traditional infrared obstacle avoidance technology.

The ECOVACS team believes that the new technological breakthrough, the current robotics vacuum cleaners could efficiently clean homes without overlooking any spots, erroneously cleaning same areas multiple times, and getting tangled or stuck with obstacles around the home.

Power-up kits of OZMOTM Pro Mopping System and the Auto-Empty Station are compatible with DEEBOT OZMO T8 family products. The OZMOTM Pro Mopping System enables DEEBOTs to deal with stubborn stains by electrically powered high-frequency vibration, and the Auto-Empty Station could clean DEEBOT’s dustbin automatically with disposable dust bag holding up to 30 days.

Spearheading towards Success

“At ECOVACS, our vision is ‘Live Smart, Enjoy Life’ and we hold a mission of ‘A Robot for Every Family’. We create home service robotics to make people’s life easier, smarter, more efficient and connected, enabling our users to spend more time on doing what they love with the people they love,” says David Qian, the CEO and Vice Chairman of ECOVACS ROBOTICS. David plays a leading role in all respects of the company business, including R&D, design, manufacture, marketing, and global sales.

After graduating from University of British Columbia, David joined the company in July 2012. From May 2015 to September 2018, he served as the President of International Business Unit, where he was fully responsible for the expansion of overseas markets.

Under David’s leadership, nowadays the company has successfully explored over 80 countries and regions worldwide and achieved #1 market share positions in many of the key markets across the world.

In October 2018, David Qian assumed his new duties as the CEO. He laid more emphasis on technical innovations to drive the growth of the company and RVC industry. In 2019, the company successfully launched its first robotic vacuum cleaner adopting AIVITM technology, and in 2020 the company successfully launched its revolutionary DEEBOT OZMO T8 family products globally.

We asked David on what advice he would like to give to the aspiring entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts who wish to enter the robotics and smart home care industry. In response, David says, “Be innovative. Be brave to try new possibilities. And be a great contributor to the society.”

Additionally, sharing his opinion on the future of AI and IoT in the robotics sphere, David says, “In the future, with the development of AI, 5G, big data and more cutting-edge technology, the smart home products will have a more cleaver brain so that products will become more intelligent. Moreover, IoT is definitely a trend, with mature of the technology, it will bring a more connected and convenient life to people. Due to the unique spatial awareness and being the only mobile smart home appliance, robotic vacuum cleaner will play a vital role in smart home environment.”

Sustaining the Competitive Spirit

From the aspect of products’ intelligence and cleaning performance, ECOVACS insists on putting users’ need first, and to continuously invest on its R&D to meet consumers’ needs. As such, in 2020 ECOVACS’ pioneered technology in mapping and navigation, obstacle avoidance, cleaning, and human-machine interaction of home service robotics has led the industry to a new level, which resulted in greater technology iteration and brought better user experiences, thus enabling users to enjoy better efficiency and efficacy of cleaning so that they could live a healthier life.

Furthermore, from tool, to housekeeper, to companion, reflects ECOVACS’ dedication to its mission, which is, as stated earlier, ‘A Robot for Every Family’. “In the future, we will invest more R&D in the technology of hardware structure, algorithm, AI, and related internet and robotic technology, to make our home service robotics smarter,” concludes David.

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