Why do some ebooks make $250,000 on the first day of launch but others sit there collecting digital dust in the computer? Why is that some articles generate 10,000 page views while others get zero? The answer is simple; subject and title.

The subject of your article or ebook is of the highest importance. A hot subject that everyone is talking about and is getting a lot of buzz will generate phenomenal interest. If you can locate these hot subjects and write about them in a timely manner, you can make millions. For that reason, I never recommend that people write what THEY are interested in; write about what EVERYBODY ELSE is interested in. If you are one of those lucky individuals who has some knowledge on a hot subject, you will be extremely successful.

To find those hot subjects, hang out in forums. Look for topics that come up over and over. Look for posts that have large numbers of page views and even more replies. These are the subjects that could make you money!

But the subject is not EVERYTHING. You need to craft an exciting and enticing title. Your title can make or break a project. Consider these two examples of the same ebook:

1. How To Use Meta Tags

2. SEO Tactics That Attract Massive Search Engine Traffic Like A Magnet And Make Big Money!

Which ebook would you buy? Would you rather learn how to use Meta tags or would you like to attract massive traffic and make big money? Most people don’t care about Meta tags, but they do care about generating lots of traffic and making money. Your title has to compel people to consider your product.

Regardless of whether your product is an article, an ebook, or a free report, you have to generate interest with a great subject and compelling title. Get detailed instructions on every aspect of ebook writing and start making some real money online!

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