Abstract: There are several different ways of supplying growing plants with nutrition without using soil. The Ebb & Flow System of hydroponics is known to be one of the best ways of soilless gardening. The plant cultivation method is such that it allows plants to develop through the usage of water as the chief medium in providing them with essential nutrition.

Through using the ebb and flow system, the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the plants is considerably enhanced. This has a very beneficial impact on the health of the plants and they are growing faster and turn out richer.

The main purpose of the ebb and flow system is to supply nutrients to growing plants through the water contained in a sizeable reservoir. This reservoir is connected to a pump that supplies water mixed with nutrients to the tray in which the plants are kept. The duration for pumping the nutrition solution to the plants takes about half an hour. The plants are thus well soaked with the liquid solution and received the appropriate supply of nutrition that they require to flourish. After each pumping cycle, the nutrition solution accumulates back into the reservoir for subsequent usage.

In the ebb & flow process, the plant roots take in only that amount of nutrients that they need. Concurrently, the nutrients take away any stale air from the roots. Hence, the plants receive air that is replete with oxygen, and grow well through being supplied with the very best combination of nutrition and air.

Given the way the ebb and flow system works, one can be sure that the plants that will grow will be stronger and much healthier than if they were cultivated using soil. And the rate at which they develop is considerably enhanced, since they are relieved of any poor quality ingredients, and receive rich nutrition and oxygen filled air.

The ebb and flow system comes with a timer and it can operate autonomously. It is therefore perceived as one of the most adept kind of hydroponics systems. One can rely on the fact that the produce from the ebb and flow system will be lust and vigorous. It is suggested, however, that this system be used indoors, and a grow box be utilized so that the plants have exposure to a more conducive environment to develop adequately. Grow boxes take away any kind of gardening hassle, and are a better alternative to creating one’s own system since several potential obstacles in plant cultivation can be avoided.

On a final note, the ebb & flow system will render healthier and rapid plant growth, and will make it possible to have a very good looking indoor garden. Go ahead and try it today, you’ll be amazed as to what you achieve with it! Happy gardening!

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Sonya Gilman is a certified medicinal herbalist who brings her love of plants to its fullest expression at Coast Hydroponics by helping to create the world's greatest gardens.