How awful that it was reported that 600 young girls under the age of 13 are suffering from eating orders - mostly anorexia. As a young girl myself I suffered from bulimia - eating and throwing up - mine was due to the fact that my body image and self-confidence were totally 'out of whack'
At that time, I'm 63 now, nobody talked about it - it was shameful and horrible. But the emotional traumas were I'm sure exactly the same as those poor girls are going through now
We can't blame the media, celebrities, parents, because everyone is to blame - the world has gone made with size zero models, being thin is wonderful and fat is dreadful.
But for a sensitive 13 year old you want the world to 'go away'
You want to be like everyone else - or at least like the slim/thin girls around you - you envy them, you feel that life is worse than unfair, your whole being is obsessed with not eating, food is the enemy.
I am sure there are more than 600 girls here that are suffering - these are only the ones we know about
What about the rest of the western ('well fed') world?
then we have the opposite - girls who eat junk food and are so overweight at the same age -
how mad is that?
I spent years dieting, obsessing about food and denying my body the nutrients that give 'life' and good health
Magazines are always talking about the latest mad diet, or the cellulite on some celeb or other
I've spent the last 20 years studying why people get over-weight and how to change that.
I now help women lose weight without dieting - dealing with the root cause rather than the symptoms
Let's do away with yo-yo dieting
Let's stop obsessing about food 24/7 and finally get out of that spiral
OLDER women who've been dieting for years and are still unhappy about their body image, young girls who are terrified of eating in case they put on an ounce
If you know of someone who desperately needs some help please get them to contact me
For the good of our children, and our children's children
for the health of our future generations
I so look forward to helping this country's health

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After many years of eating disorders, dieting, obsessing about food I decided I couldnt go on like that and started learning about the emotional side of eating disorders and dieting
I now help people deal with the root cause rather than the symptoms; for permanent weight loss
Using the very powerful and effective processes of EFT, NLP, and Hypnosis, I help people get rid of the excess weight by changing their thoughts and beliefs about what has been sabotaging them
when we change our thoughts everything in our lives work - weight comes off as if by magic