There are two kinds of eaters in the world those "who eat to live" - normal people who eat three meals a day - and those "who live to eat" - more hobby eaters who just love to try out foods they know they shouldn't.

Dr. Joel Furhman's recently updated of his revolutionary Eat to Live: The Amazing Nutrient-Rich Program for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss, (Revised Edition) for the compulsive eaters among us. His revised chapter, aimed at the morbidly obese, who must lose weight quickly and keep it off, is the important update to his groundbreaking work.

Dr. Furhman's updated work discusses his new findings on issues. For example, there are food groups that are tasty and which the body can crave yet, which are actually toxic to your body's health. Because they are not really needed by your body - they could be termed "extreme empty calories" as they actually force you to overeat.

The funny thing about this is that because the toxic food groups taste so good, they also force you into a kind of addiction to those foods that your body needs. The result is like a cat or dog chasing its tail. The animal (being the folks who ingest food with no values at all but taste good - i.e. toxic) look and see this thing chasing them around (a pet sees its tail and begins to chase it. Once it catches it and bites it, the pet finds out it hurts and the cycle begins again.) The same is true of the toxic food/addictive food cycle.

The author, though, doesn't leave his readers hanging. In his highly entertaining style, he shows his readers how to break the chain and recognize foods that are toxic and which will cause overeating. He then gently begins to talk people into the world of sane eating habits, while, at the same time, recognizing those foods that touched off the issues in the first place.

Dr. Furhman's revised work deserves a prominent place on anyone who might suspect he falls under the eating models in which he thinks he belongs. If your eating habits vary only occasionally from the norms described by Dr. Furhman, then you are okay, however, if you've gone over to the Dark Side of food addiction and toxic foods, then you'll need his work more than ever.

The author's book presents you with new insights into food addiction and toxicity and gives you great information without which you would find yourself gaining weight and not understanding why.

Dr. Furhman's updated book presents you with the information you need to keep you on the right side of the Force and he also not only gives you the information you need, but also the provides you with updated tips and recipes.

Dr. Furhman didn't just write this book to abandon his readers to the bestseller list and move on. He has written it to help his readers and believers with the information they need to stay on the right side of food, where they belong.

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