Everybody wants to be wealthy. And why not? Being moneyed means one can take care of his/her family better, achieve his/her dreams and goals, and simply enjoy everything that life offers. Unfortunately, most people are forever stuck in a miserable situation. They seem to be always short on cash, and they think there is simply not enough to pay for the bills and groceries. These people are somewhat deprived of enjoying life because they simply don't have the means to do it. That's why everybody wants to be rich. Fortunately, the Law of Attraction has something to say about finances. Here are some of the things one can do now to start attracting money.

Financial prosperity is basically a matter of mind power. The Law of Attraction says that having positive thoughts will generate mostly positive experiences. Hence, one should change his/her attitude towards money because most people see it as the root of all evil and therefore must be avoided especially in large amounts. But in reality, it is from greed where bad things stem. Aside from that, one should also change the way he/she thinks about rich people - that they accumulated their wealth through deceit and illegal means. This is wrong -- most wealthy individuals become rich through hard work, generosity and perseverance. A person who wants to start attracting money should even look up to and imitate rich people because doing so will have a great impact on one's attitude towards work and finances.

Also, as part of that good attitude towards money, one should practice the so-called 'millionaire mind set'. Stop saying 'I'm broke' or 'I just don't have enough' because doing so will surely generate negative thoughts as what the Law of Attraction explicitly says. The Law also says that when something is affirmed, it is more likely to become true. Get rid then of the 'bad vibes' and the 'poverty mentality'. Instead, one should be happy and satisfied with his/her current financial situation because surely this will start attracting money. A person should also envision himself/herself as the future millionaire, as an affirmation of one's dreams.

Loving and finding satisfaction in one's work is also another way of attracting money. In case somebody hasn't noticed yet, wealthy individuals are usually those who excel and passionate about their chosen vocation. These are the people who are greatly skilled in their craft. It doesn't matter if one is a mere rank-and-file employee or a struggling artist. If a person loves his/her job, he/she is motivated to produce high-quality work which then leads to salary increases, promotions and financial prosperity. Combine passion with hard work and perseverance, and voila, the money starts to flow like water. Attracting money isn't only centered on the paycheck and bonuses, but also on one's love for his/her source of income.

The Law of Attraction says that having positive thoughts will generate mostly positive experiences. Having a good attitude towards life in general and money will then bring about happiness and of course an uncanny ability of attracting money.

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