The world's largest and most active platform for professional networking is LinkedIn. LinkedIn Page of your company shows a great opportunity to extablish your brand as an industry and it also attracts new talent. If you want to master LinkedIn and understand it's search engine read the blog Beep2B.

Here are some steps that you can take to optimize your company page and enhance your presence, authority and hiring prospects on the platform.


Profile image is the first thing people will see while searching for your company on LinkedIn, so make it a good impresssion. Company pages with good profile pictures get more visitors that those that are without profile image.

You can use logo of your company for profile image on LinkedIn. You can resize it according to the requirements of LinkedIn. If you use profile banner above your company logo, it gives additional effect to your profile.


Write compelling ''about us'' section because a well optimized ''about us'' section on your company page will make visitors to know about the details about your company. It should be comprise of at least 2000 characters or less but it must be explaning all the essential things.

You should be covering these six basic questions in that section.

  1. who are you?
  2. Where your company is based?
  3. What your company offers?
  4. What are the values?
  5. What is the brand voice?
  6. How people can contact you to get further details?

To optimize your LinkedIn company profile, you should be sure about that your page is including the following information:

  1. URL: Make sure that visitors can easily get the URL on your company page.
  2. ADDRESS: Keep your address up to date.
  3. HQ Country: If your brand is global one then mention on your page that where are your headquarters located.
  4. INDUSTRY: People will also want to know about the industry.
  5. COMPANY SIZE: Inform people that how many employees you have in your company.

Create showcase pages because these highly customized pages are tailored news feeds on particular aspects of your company. visitiors come for content about your company's product ranges and brands. If you want that these pages get success, keep updating them on daily basis with videos, slide presentations and articles.

Showcase pages are a good palce to share sponsored content and get much vaalue from selected advertising.

You can highlight your posts by location and by many other fields which can include job type, company, industry, seniority, group because people who are following your showcase pages, these people have already shown an interest in your content by subscribing. So they will more likely to read it and share it with their networks.


You need to build a career page as well because these pages are the good way to bloster your recruitment efforts by showing culture of your company in its best light.

In career pages you can show high quality images, videos and articles about the day to day at your company. Try to use URL in your every post so that it will be easily available for the one who is searching about your company's details.

LinkedIn reports that are posted with the URL get 45 percent more engagement.

Career pages have a lot of other features as well. Here are the main ones you should know:

  1. Create '' meet the team'' section.
  2. Share employess testimonials.
  3. List down the spoken languages
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