The drug addiction continuous to curse the entire world. It is a problem that is increasing excessively all over today. Drugs can do nothing, but restrain the addicted person to achieve any other thing life. People sometimes think that they can’t become addictive to them but the fact is, drugs can trap anyone.

The misfortune is that with all of the strictly taken measures in all most all over the world, drugs consumption was never under the control. With all of their harms and dangers, these illegal substances are always in the business to spoil the youth of any nation. The most commonly used drugs all over the world are:

• Cocaine
• Cannabis
• Ketamine
• Amyl Nitrites
• Amphetamines
• Ecstasy

Here we are going to explain some facts about these illegal drugs.


Cocaine is the most powerful and most commonly used drug all over the world. Cocaine is used in some of the medical purposes as pain killer or vasoconstrictor. Other than these uses, cocaine is an illegal substance and extremely dangerous to human health. Cocaine cause two types of effects. Short Term and Long Term. In short-term cocaine might be the reason for increased energy, feeling of euphoria, inflated self-esteem and elevated mode. In its long-term effect, it causes restlessness, irritability, panic and paranoia.


Cannabis is a plant and its dry leaves are known as marijuana. It is commonly consumed through smoking. It is also highly addictive drugs and second most consumed drugs all over the world. The effect of cannabis includes lacking the consciousness, the consumer may feel over excited, over relaxed or euphoric. The user may also become highly sensitive. In the case of smoking, it directly affects the lungs, causes chronic bronchitis and cancer. It can also disturb the heart rate. Cannabis hugely disturbs the short term memory, decrease sex drive and also reduce the sperm count.


Ketamine is used in a powdered and liquid form. It is injected, used in drinks and inhaled with cigarettes. It causes increasing in heart beat and blood pressure. It might also result in vomiting, nausea, numbness and respiratory diseases. It might also cause the consumer body in the unconscious state.

Amyl Nitrate

Amyl Nitrate is a medical drug and should only be taken in case of medical emergency. Basically, it is recommended in case of Angina. The common side effects of Amyl Nitrate are a headache, flushing of the face, low blood pressure, vomiting, cold sweat, a rapid increase in heart rate and weakness. There may also be enhanced urination that might result in defection.


Amphetamines are commonly used nervous system stimulant. It is used to overcome the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. In a case of overdosing, it might because several side effects. These side effect includes seeing or hearing such things that do not really exist. The consumer may also suffer mental changes. It may also decrease the sexual interest, dried the mouth, itching, reduction in appetite and weight loss.


The 3rd most used drug throughout the world is ecstasy. Basically, this drug was used in psychoactive effects. Ecstasy is often used to overcome the over stress and it tends the mind to be calm in such situation. It was made for the purpose of feeling high. It also has a number of side effects. These are the increase in heartbeat, dry mouth, blurred eyesight, high rate of sweating and confusion. Sometimes consumer may feel like frustration or like somebody is trying to plot against them.

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