Arm exercises are least difficult when training with a 10 or 12 inch resistance loop band. Here are three easy-to-follow ring band exercises that cover each major muscle group of the arms and two adjacent muscle groups. They are also the three easiest ring band exercises to perform.

Exercise Workout Resistance Set of 3 Band Loops

Standing triceps extensions

Start with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Relax your knees and tighten your abs as you grasp the end of the ring band with your right hand and place it behind your right shoulder. Your grip should remain behind your neck with your thumbs facing down and your palms facing forward. The hand should remain in this position throughout the exercise. Place your left hand behind your back from underneath and grasp the other end of the looped band at the bottom of your back and keep it at this level. Extend your right arm over your head. Extend your elbow while keeping your shoulder still. Repeat ten times and then switch to your left side to complete the set.

Muscles used. Triceps, forearms, obliques.

Kneeling Bicep Curl

Kneel on your left knee; place one end of the resistance band under your right foot. Grasp the other end of the loop band with your right hand, palm up, and place your elbow on your right knee. Bend your elbow and lift your right hand up and back to your body as far as it will go. Count to two. Slowly return to the starting position and complete one repetition. Make sure your abdominal muscles remain tense throughout the exercise. Perform the prescribed number of repetitions, then switch sides to complete the set.

Muscles used. Biceps, latissimus dorsi

Seated presses

Place your right leg in the circle and lift it up onto your right thigh. Sit in a chair and place the end of the resistance band under your thigh. Grasp the other end of the band with your right hand and hook your thumb underneath the band. Begin the repetition by pushing outward and upward at a 45 degree angle, fully extended at head height. Hold the band until two points, then slowly lower it back onto your thighs while maintaining resistance. Perform ten repetitions, then switch sides and complete the set. This exercise is best performed with a 12-inch ring band.

Muscles involved. Deltoids, triceps


This latest generation of fitness bands is an extraordinary and practical piece of exercise equipment. It is portable, easy to use and extremely effective in developing a well-proportioned, lean body. And it's relatively easy to get a good workout. Just 10 to 20 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week - that's all the strength and muscle mass you need.

Proper form is important. Make sure you read the instructions before each exercise. These bands are easy to carry, inexpensive and fit in any pocket. With these easy to use ring band exercises, you can start building your strong, fat burning body!

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