Many people are suffering from crack hands and having this condition can be real painful, not to exclude the bother and experience you have to live in dealing it day by day. Also, It makes your hand limited from its usual activity since even simply gripping objects will hurt your cracked hands and that is not actually a pleasant way to live your day. It was observed that dry and cracked hands do not only happen during winter or the cold season. It can also happen all over the year particularly if you use harsh laundry soaps or if you do not wear gloves while holding on tools and pressing your hands too much on objects hard objects. Maybe it is about to free your worries, here are some ways to ease and heal your hands from cracking and drying:

• The easiest and the natural way to heal cracked and dry hands is to soak your hands in a shallow pan of warm water for a couple minutes. You should always do this before bedtime when your hands are already relaxed. Consider this therapy as a tension reliever as well. The warm water will soften your hands and refresh your hands. After your hands are completely dry, apply hand cream thickly on your hands, focussed on the areas that are severely dry and cracked.

• Another homemade remedy that you can try to heal dry and cracked hands is to apply a thin layer of super glue on the cracked skin and hold them jointly to keep the germs and bacteria out of your inner skin. This advice is recommended by doctors. An important thing to remember though is to not put glue on cracked skin that has spoiled tissues or has deep lacerations.

• You may use over the counter hand creams for cracked and dry skin instead of hand lotions because commercialized creams can take a short time to produce results.

You should keep away your hands from getting cracked and dry after they have completely healed. Always wear gloves to protect them from the cold and if you should use harsh household substances, wear rubber gloves to guard your hands from getting exposed to the chemicals. Moisturize your hands every day and every after washing with the of hand cream to rehydrate and prevent the dryness and cracking.

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The author had several research on beauty products designed to investigate its effects on one's health and lifestyle. She had also made several reviews tackling one such as cracked hands. She welcomes all those seeking professional help for their skin.