With numerous benefits for individuals facing devastating debt, the Individual Voluntary Agreement is the top choice to deal with debt. It is one of the easier processes to go through with regards to handling lenders and creditors. Here are the easy steps to completing an Individual Voluntary Agreement successfully and having all debt wiped away.

Steps for an IVA

•Consult an online IVA adviser

There is great advice on online platforms for individuals considering an Individual Voluntary Agreement. There are even professional insolvency experts who are able to answer simple questions and guide you to understand the basic implications of taking on such a repayment contract. Basic research is important before starting the process of an IVA.

•Are you eligible? Find out!

This legal arrangement requires the applicant to be eligible for an Individual Voluntary Agreement in terms of the type of debts they have as well as whether the amount of debt is sufficient for this type of intervention. Luckily, there are simple IVA calculators online on most IVA advice sites that can give you a sense of whether or not you are suited to using an IVA. While these can be useful, you should consult a financial expert such as an accountant for more reliable information on your eligibility. These are two simple ways of determining suitability for this debt solution!

•Hire an insolvency practitioner

Once it is determined that you are eligible to handle your debt through an Individual Voluntary Agreement, you should proceed with hiring a qualified professional to guide you through the process. The insolvency professional should be able to act as your nominee and supervisor for the entire period that the contract is in effect.

•Set up the IVA

Hiring your insolvency practitioner actually completes the majority of your role in setting up an IVA. This professional has to negotiate with your financiers and convince them that you will be responsible for paying for a monthly installment that is equally distributed amongst all of them. The insolvency practitioner will appear in court on your behalf in order to legalize the agreement. This concludes the process of setting up the Individual Voluntary Agreement once all the conditions have been agreed upon.

•Pay your monthly installment

This is the last and simplest step. Just pay your small monthly payment for the next 60 months or five years. Do not be late. Do not make excuses. Just make sure to pay this amount to your insolvency expert without fail. If you are able to do so, the debt will be wiped away at the end of the 60-month period.


The five easy steps listed above will allow you to successfully fulfill your Individual Voluntary Agreement and keep debt in your past. Simply follow this advice to ensure that your process is smooth and least destructive to your life. This website would surely help you.

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