Desk jobs require that you use an office chair. However, many people tend to pay only little attention to this key element. Much attention is given to the computer, the desk and the other accessories but not the office chair. In case your office manager hires professional office cleaners, you have nothing to worry about. Otherwise, it is your responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of your office chair.

So, how do you clean your office chairs? There is no simple answer to this question since office chairs come in different shapes, sizes, designs and materials. The common factor in all these types of chairs is that they gather dust over time. Besides dust, other things such as accidental spills can stain the chair. You must therefore clean the chair as often as possible.

Tip 1: Removing stains and spills

Occasionally, ink, food or drink may spill and stain your chair. Such stains need immediate cleaning before they can dry and become permanent. Here is how to go about it:

Dealing With Loose Debris

Using a paper towel, grab as much of the solid stain as possible. Discard the towel in the trash. It may force you to do this more than once in order to completely remove the solid particles. Be careful if you are dealing with a chair made of fabric upholstery. Do not rub as you clean as this may fix the stain into the fabric and make removing it a daunting task.

Dealing With Liquid Stains
You can remove liquid stains by blotting them with a wet cloth. Deal with liquid stains quickly to deny them time to set and cause a stain. Dampen a cloth or a rag with water and use it to sponge much of the liquid as possible. Wring the rag or cloth in a sink or standby container. Keep blotting with the wet cloth until the stain is no more.

Tip 2: Cleaning Your Chair

The method to use depends on the coding of the office chairs. In this regard office chairs are S-coded or W-coded. You can always find this information on the care tag of the chair. S-coded means you should only use solvent-based cleaning agent on the chair as water might damage the upholstery. W-coded means you should only use water based cleaning agent. Some are SW or S/W-coded meaning you can use either type of solution without damaging the upholstery.

Using A Cleaning Solvent

Several brands of cleaners are currently available in the market. Always ensure to check the instructions that come with the product to know how to use it correctly. Cleaning solvents are either liquid or powdered. Regardless of the type, ensure you only use a small amount each time. Also, use a damp cloth or rag to wick away the cleaning solvent. Failure could result in ring formation on you upholstery.

Using A Water-Based Solvent

Prepare a dilute dish soap with clean water. Dampen a cloth or rag in it. Use the rag to blot the stain. Desist from rubbing as this can damage the upholstery especially those made of microfibers or fabric.

You can use alcohol to remove stains where necessary. However, you should test first to ensure that alcohol does not damage the upholstery. Simply dampen a cotton ball with alcohol and use it blot stains. Be gentle with mesh upholstery as rubbing can easily damage them. It is not safe to use alcohol on fabric upholstery made of acrylic.

Tip 3: Cleaning the Wheels, Legs and Arms

To clean the cast wheels, you will have to turn the chair upside down. To be comfortable, sit on a separate chair while working on the wheels. Begin by removing the wheels, one at a time. Some wheels are design to snap off while others will have to be unscrewed.

Once you remove the wheel, inspect if for any lodged debris. If present, use a butter knife to remove it. A butter knife can easily slip into cracks between the wheel and its covering. This will allow you to remove any dried food particles, pebbles and gunk from the wheels.
Cut with scissors any hairs on the wheel and remove them with tweezers. You can then wipe the wheel clean with a dry cloth and a few drop of dishwashing detergent. Finish up by drying the wheels with paper towel.

You can place the wheels back and return the chair to its normal position. Pay attention to the crewed wheels. Ensure you screw them back before sitting on the chair to avoid damaging the chair.

Finish the task by wiping the legs and arms of the chair with a damp piece of cloth. These parts are always easier to clean than upholstery because they are made either of metal or plastic. A simple wipe with a damp cloth will do the trick. In more established stains, a dilute solution of dish soap and water is good enough. You can them wipe the arms and legs with a dry cloth.


The more often you use your office chair the more frequently you will have to clean it. Take care of spills and spots immediately you notice them. This will allow you to remove them before they can set and become permanent stains. You can do the general cleaning every few weeks as you see appropriate. The performance and durability of your office chair depends on how well you clean it. It is good you now know how to clean office chairs.

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