The relationship between cold weather and cough is old. Most people succumb to cough in this season. Actually, the reason for cough is not only weather, but also due to smoke, dust etc., people get cough, which gives unbearable pain. There are many types of cough in Ayurveda, each of which has a different nature.

Symptomatic cough: Kapha dries up in this cough, from which it does not come out at all. Due to the absence of phlegm, there is a constant coughing velocity. The patient gets relief as soon as the phlegm comes out. This type of cough keeps the mouth dry. To cure this type of cough, make Panchamrit juice 1 gram, Shringa Bhasma 1 gram, four doses. Giving a single quantity of Baheda powder with a quarter of a full moon and honey is beneficial. If the phlegm is to be removed, then the Talisadi 5 grams, 3 grams of liquorice, 1 gram of typing or sal-ammonia, 1 gram of coral ash, 1/2 gram of Shringabhasma, mixed in the syrup in the morning, equal to two peas grains in the morning Or mix in honey when you cough. It removes phlegm and calms the cough.

Patient ras symptoms: There is fever, burning sensation in the chest, thirst and bitter vomiting. The whole body becomes jealous and pale. The mouth also keeps drying up. To get rid of this type of cough, taking 10 grams of Vasavaleh with goat milk is beneficial. Mixing coral ash, asbestos, as well as 1/2 gram each and giving it with powder of honey and honey eliminates phlegm, bile and burns. Cough also stops.

Symptoms of mucosal rash: It brings out excessive phlegm. Still the cough does not reduce. The whole body appears to be full of phlegm. Feeling of anorexia, heaviness and itching in the body, pain in the head and lubricated paste in the mouth. To get rid of this type of cough, taking Shringa Bhasma, Krishnam Bhasma, Ras Sindoor, Tyankan Bhasma with different small peppercorns and honey is beneficial. By the way, taking 1 ton of water mixed with Kanakasava after meals is also beneficial. Take both rock salt and icing in equal parts and put it in the pot of soil and close the mouth and blow it with dimples from all four sides. When it gets cold, grind it and keep it in a vial Taking two to four rottis with betel juice and honey relieves coughing. Make 10 tablets by mixing 10 grams jaggery and 5 grams camphor. All types of cough and breathing diseases are cured by giving 1 tablet in the morning and in the evening with warm water.

Mix 1 teaspoon juice of black basil leaf, 1 teaspoon of betel juice, heat both and mix 1 teaspoon honey and lick the patient. Hot water should be drunk in all types of cough and similar water should be used in bath also. In the event of absence of phlegm, old ghee, mustard oil and wax are also massaged on the chest. Kapoor can also be added to it. After massaging, heating the betel leaf and keeping it on the chest and tying it with cotton, also provides relief in cough.

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