* Drink lots of water to clean your colon. Water has the ability to remove the toxins from your body and thereby resulting in detoxification of your body. This method is very effectual in cleaning your colon completely.
* Include more of fruits in your diet. Fruits have the ability to clean your colon. They are cleaning agents and can be digested very easily. Convert your food regime to fruits and fruit juices to get clean and healthy colon.
* Eat good and fresh vegetables to clean your colon. Similar to that of fruits vegetables also have the ability to clean your colon. They are useful detoxifiers and helps in providing necessary nutrients to your body.
* Increase the intake of fibrous food items. Food rich in fiber aids in cleansing your colon naturally. This will flush out the toxins in your body and makes your body clean. Green leafy vegetables are good sources of fiber so make sure that you eat lots of leafy vegetables to clean your.
* Taking a glass of lukewarm water in the early morning is also a perfect tip to clean your colon.
* A good massage is also effective in cleaning your intestine. Make sure you consult a professional to get this massage.
* Try to shun the food items that take time to digest. Food items that are easily digested are suggested by the professional to get a healthy colon. Try the above tips to get a clean and healthy colon.

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