Easy article marketing is great way to increase traffic to your blog or website. Doing so appropriately can also rewards your page with some additional SEO juice. Because creating backlinks is such an important aspect of article marketing, this process is a primary off-page SEO strategy. Keep in mind that diversifying your marketing strategy to include social media platforms can drastically improve the odds of your content going viral.

Ezine and Article Directories

One of the best easy article marketing strategies is using article directories. Some of these directories are high PR websites. This means that backlinks originating from these pages are highly valuable in the eyes of Google. Perhaps the most popular and valuable of these high PR article directories is EzineArticles.

EzineArticles is a highly frequented article directory that provides bloggers with valuable backlinks. With each article posted to Ezine, authors are allowed to include 2 backlinks. These backlinks can be to anything including your blog, website, other articles, capture pages, etc.

When using high PR article directories, there is something important to keep in mind. Each article posted to Ezine is reviewed by an Ezine staff member. This means that this high PR website is no place for low quality, automatically spun content. As always, high quality content is king. Consistently creating high quality content is an easy strategy in itself.

Is Automation an Option?

While article marketing can be an incredibly helpful traffic generation and search engine optimization strategy, this process can be rather time consuming. This can be time consuming because there are literally thousands of article directories. While not all of them are high PR websites, Google pays attention to not only the quality of backlinks, but the quantity. Luckily, automation tools make for an easy strategy.

While there are various automation tools, there are some that are more efficient than others. Do your research and find the one that best suits your needs. Automation alone can save you hours and hours weekly. Like I said before, there are thousands of article directories by using the most effective tools you can create thousands of backlinks weekly.

Backlinking Tips!

When using an automation tool, it is important that you are not submitting for backlinks to a website that is not an authority. If your blog or website does not have authority status, be sure to submit to authority sites a umber of times a day. Google red flags any young website that is slammed with a bunch of low quality backlinks. While some automation tools can be highly effective, it is vital that any automation tool is used appropriately. Adopting an easy article marketing strategy can help your blog, website, or business immensely.

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