One of the biggest troubles for anyone who likes to move to another place is the relocation of breakable or fragile items. You may even have antique pieces that need adequate care to ensure no damage during the move. Leaving this task to professionals of a reliable Eastern Suburbs Removals agency can be a practical approach in this regard.

However, the thing is that you could find 30% of individuals are unable to make the cut because they employ DIY methods. You are asked not to approach for it and allow experts to work on your behalf to eliminate unknown errors. Let’s know how to get things done-

Plan Ahead to Successfully Pack Breakable Items

Once you are ready to move, you have to ensure the packing of your valuables correctly. Whether it is about the furniture chairs, equipment, and kitchen appliances, you have to give yourself enough time to plan ahead. Starting from arranging the packing materials to boxes, you must collect them prior to packing things to avoid uncertainties.

You may or may not be aware of the process of packing belongings. It is good to consult with a professional or let a reputed removalist to work on your behalf. Now, you can focus on your business prospects and keep your firm running without any worries.

List of Breakable Items and How to Pack Them

  1. Electronics

No doubt, you would have a list of electronics in your office to meet the needs of clients. This may include laptops and desktops. While packing them, you are asked to utilise the same boxes in which they are delivered. It says that you have to keep those boxes safely in the storeroom.

  1. Lamps

Electric lamps are another fragile item. They must be packed properly to avoid damage and make sure of their use in the new office again. For this, you can pack them using newspaper or paper towel or bubble wrap before placing them inside a box for moving.

  1. Glassware

There is a possibility of having glassware in the office kitchen. You need to pack them wisely to avoid damage to this item. For packaging purposes, you can prefer the use previously discussed method of using bubble wrap or paper towel.

  1. Prizes

Have you won prizes or awards? You may have awards for your employees. These items must be packed with care and ensure no damage to them. Bubble wrap would be the most suitable approach; however, you can also use the same packing box if you have them in the office.

Simple Steps for Packing Valuables

As you get to know some fragile or breakable items, you may observe that people make unknown mistakes. So, learn the steps of packing valuables. Let’s find them here-

  • Pack the valuables using packing material
  • Label each item to identify them with ease
  • Use a marker to label them permanently
  • Keep them correctly inside the storage module
  • Label this module with the names of all stored items

Now, you can rest assured that you can find your required items once you move as everything will be displayed on the module. It will be convenient for you because you can easily avoid damage to valuables by verifying the right box.

Final Thoughts

Moving offices to a new location can be a dream project for businesses. If you are fully prepared to relocate, follow the steps mentioned above. In case you are busy attending clients and managing business operations, allow expert removalists from a reputed Eastern Suburbs Removals agency. Since they know the process well, they won’t make mistakes in the move.

So, don’t delay when you can let a professional complete the relocation task. You may even require a storage unit for keeping unused items. Feel free to ask for the same!

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