Easter Island Statues is the most spectacular monument which was been found in the year 1722 by the Captain of Dutch Sea Jacob Roggevee. If you visit this place you can find that this place is the most calm and silent one comparatively other places. To make this destination your vacation spot then one has to travel down to Chile and Tahiti which is the mid region of this place. This island is so beautiful and unique that the shape of the island is in triangular shape if you see in the map. It is been filled with natural beauty where there are small hills and mountains and very rare trees are to be found here. Easter Island Statues is the most unique spot in this place because you can find various huge heads located at few distance from each other in this island. The heads here are known as Moai. There are many secrets which are preserved in thus island. If you notice carefully then you can see that the heads here are many but the ears are different some are small and other are long. The long ears were known as the superior one and were the boss of the short ear which was the slaves. Easter Island Statues is one of the wonder of the world.

Grand Army Plaza is the oldest monument which is been located in New York at Brooklyn. The area this oval plaza covers is around 11 acre. While you are exploring here you can see the huge entrance which leads to Prospect Park. The design of this site is been designed by Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmsted which was architected in the year 1867. Grand Army Plaza was been made in the memory of the soldiers and saviours who fought in the civil war. Once you visit here you can see that it is an entrance gateway to many parks and the most spectacular part of this site is the structure. The carved arch is the most spectacular one because it is huge and on this there few sculptures which are made in bronze. The original name of Grand Army Plaza was known as Prospect Park which it later was changed in the year 1926. In New York it is the memorial arch for the soldiers and sailors. The best is site in this place is the Bailey Fountain.

Minnesota Science Museum was been founded in the year 1907 and it is the oldest museum which is been located at the banks of River Mississippi. This center is a research centre and also collection facilities of science. Area covered by this museum is around 370,000 square feet. It is the largest museum in the world where you can learn many things. While exploring in this place you can see that there are permanent and temporary exhibition galleries. In Minnesota Science Museum around 70,000 square feet is been used for the exhibition where the collection researched can be exhibited. Around 10,000 square foot is been divided for the temporary gallery and there are five permanent gallery which are been preserved with physical science, palaeontology, technology, culture and human body’s. Mostly school, college trips are been welcomed in Minnesota Science Museum to learn and increase the knowledge.

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