Anxiety is a common thing that happens to many individuals around the world. There is a concern, worry, and mental conflict within the mind when one has anxiety. However, it goes just beyond mental or emotional issues as it eventually has a way of affecting your physical body.
One of the most dangerous aspects of anxiety is the cluster of negative feelings that comes with it; most times, it can be so overwhelming that you might feel like losing your mind if not adequately controlled.
Some of the intense physical feelings of anxiety might include sweating profusely, shaking, or even difficulty in breathing. These are all signs that an individual is suffering from anxiety syndrome.
Panic disorder is also another perfect example of anxiety syndrome. Handling anxiety can be as challenging as climbing a steep slope for those individuals who often experience it.
However, it's not impossible to overcome if you set your mind to overcome it. It is why in this article, we’ll be looking at some of the simple techniques that will help you overcome anxiety and be in total control of your emotions.


Aromatherapy is an essential step to overcoming anxiety as it helps you relieve your mind of stress and any form of anxiety. In addition, the oil used for aromatherapy is an essential oil that plays a vital role in ensuring that the process is successful.
It’s a straightforward procedure that you can also carry out from the comfort of your home with the following essential oils for diffusing: frankincense oil, geranium oil, vetiver oil, roman chamomile oil, rose oil, neroli oil, Levander, amongst others. Alternatively, you could make use of a scented candle. CBD oils are also great options that help relieve stress and anxiety.

Record Your Thoughts in a Journal

Recording your thoughts with the help of a journal can serve as an excellent means of getting rid of anxiety. Write down how you feel and your daily experiences. You can also utilize the help of a Self-care journal to serve as a means of encouragement and self-motivation when you’re feeling anxious.
It will help motivate you and alleviate those feelings of stress and anxiety. Self-care journal is of different kinds; they encourage you and help you practice gratitude. To get one for yourself, you can visit to take the first step in self-care journaling.

Engage in Workouts and Exercise Sections

When you engage in exercises, it helps you regain composure in various ways, thereby helping you relieve that anxiety that torments you now and then. Once you put the body through a series of physical stress, you can easily let go of any mental stress or anxiety disturbing you. Therefore, regular exercise and workout sections are crucial to reducing anxiety.

Take Essential Body Supplements

Taking supplements is another essential backup to add to your daily exercises and self-care journaling on your road to anxiety recovery. Supplements come in forms like medications and essential oils. Some vital supplements that can help you through the process are Omega 3 fatty acid, Valerian, and Ashwagandha. In most cases, Green tea is also a recommended means of reducing anxiety.

Limit Your Caffeine Dosage

When you take a lot of caffeine into your system, the probability of experiencing anxiety issues becomes very high. It is why you need to stay off or reduce the intake of beverages that have high caffeine content. It is why you should limit your intake of tea and coffee to help you reduce the chances of experiencing anxiety.

Make Out Time For Friends and Loved Ones

As the saying goes, “love conquers all.” One of the best ways to overcome anxiety is spending quality time with your friends and loved ones. The time and moments you share with your loved ones play a huge role in alleviating anxiety and ensuring that your emotions are on the right level to ensure you stay mentally healthy. In addition, when you’re with loved ones, and you’re happy, your brain releases oxytocin, a hormone that relieves stress and anxiety.

Final Thoughts

It is essential to try and relieve anxiety as much as possible to maintain good health and wellbeing. You can take examples from these few tips mentioned in this article as you carry out your journey to recovery.

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After using journaling as tool to heal her own depression and emotional trauma, Frida R. started Journaling is Self-Care to use her experience to help other women tap into their inner ability to self-heal through journaling. Frida shares her wisdom on her weekly blog at and designs funky, colorful inspirational journals to help you write your way to freedom! Frida unwinds with cheesesteaks and yoga because balance is key.