Easiest Way to make a Website

I run affiliate programs and many affiliates ask me - "What is the easiest way to make a website" Well, let me tell you, I have tried everything over the years, from A to Z, and websites can be really tedious to create even with template websites. But now, tried and tested, I have found the perfect system, and it's free.

Before I tell you the easiest way to make a website, consider this - if you get bogged down with website creation and html stuff, you will turn into a geek and miss the point of Internet marketing. The point of the exercise is to make money, and to do this, affiliates should focus on website promotion, not website creation.

One of my affiliates asked me the other day why it was I thought he had not made any sales yet - I looked at his website; it was terrific. When I asked him how he promoted the website, he replied that he didn't, he assumed people would find it. Sure - needle in haystack method no doubt.

So focus on promoting your website to earn income, don't spend years perfecting the art of creating websites that no one visits, life's too short.

So the easiest way to make a website?

I now make websites for my affiliates so they don't have to - one of my affiliate programs promotes hovercraft for leisure use. Hovercraft are a niche product, so I don't have to compete with zillions of other affiliates selling phones and ring-tones. If affiliates insist on making their own websites, I tell them to use Blogger. The Feedburner service incorporated with Blogger publishes the site-map to Google, plus I use lots of techniques which are explained in more detail on the affiliate school website http://affiliate-school.blogspot.com/

Blogger allow you to register your Blog as a regular www domain name, so that you don't get some .blogspot address that is hard for people to remember. They only charge $10 per year, and that includes hosting - probably cheapest deal around. Don't bother getting to grips with ftp paths through some hosting company you already use - life is too short, get Blogger to host your domain name. When you register a new domain name, only choose a .com, do not use hyphens or numbers in the name, make the name as short as possible. Or memorable - I recently registered slumdogaffiliates because it suggests rags to riches and people remember it easily. http://www.slumdogaffiliates.com/

About Blogger - they have a nice selection of templates, and it is so easy to create a website, my sister now uses it! I tend to get rid of the archive, followers, and blogging elements in the page, and instead I add video from YouTube (so easy) slideshows, links to other pages (more blog pages joined together to make a site) - plus if you do a search on "Blogger widget" or "blogger gadget" - you will find heaps of excellent features to include on your website. I particularly love the addtoany "tell a friend button" and the google translate tool. Scribd is a great site to upload and link to articles you have written, and Picasa is a great site to upload images to. If you visit slumdogaffiliates.com I will show you how to add some other great features - so easy to create. You can also request the Excel sheet I created to remind you to blog on a regular basis - simple little todo program that helps you send out lots of blogs to increase the number of visitors your site will receive. Have fun!

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Mike Glanville is founder of Affiliate School, a resource for people who wish to enter the world of affiliate marketing. Mike has written a number of articles about niche product marketing, working from home, Internet marketing. He has many years experience in sales and marketing and has traveled all over the world to train sales and marketing personnel.