With the development of synthesis chemistry, many rare and expensive pharmaceuticals are available at a lower cost. Some of them are over-the-counter drug and can be self-prescribed. As a result, the side effects of such synthesized chemicals are magnified, and close to out of control. But the origin of the problem doesn’t lie at the synthesis pharmaceuticals, but at people’s altitude toward the drugs and their knowledge on their conditions.

Recent report on the adverse events of synthetic marijuana rose wide attention among the public. The side effects include seizure, throat hurting, increased heart rate, extreme anxiety, psychosis and even suicidal thoughts. Death caused by the abuse of synthetic marijuana is not rare. And the number of people that are suffering from the ill effects of the substance is increasing. The situation is quite thorny.

Basic knowledge about synthetic marijuana and synthetic drug should be presented before going deeper into the topic. Synthetic marijuana actually is the nickname of synthetic cannabinoids. For it shares some common in function with the compound cannabinoids in marijuana. However the so called synthetic marijuana totally differs from the real marijuana in fundamental characters. What’s more is that the ingredients of synthetic marijuana are almost all from chemistry synthesis, and little part is natural, meaning that the function mechanism wouldn’t be the same with marijuana extraction.

Besides the synthetic marijuana produced by different manufacturer or even different period of time, the chemical content would probably differ, which is a result of the strict law in the field. The frequently alterations hinder the related research department to make detail analysis of the chemical cocktail of the ingredients. And warning measures would lag behind for a while. Thus the side effects of synthetic marijuana are non-predictable, and would appear differently in individuals.

The young in rebelling period are curious about cool, thrilling, and interesting matters, making them more prone to be attracted by the high feeling of using synthetic marijuana. And some patients in the need of marijuana find no formal ways to get it are also more likely to choose the synthetic version as alternatives.

With better understanding of the difference between synthetic marijuana and natural marijuana, more knowledge of the ill effects and monitoring of environment, there will be less abuse and misuse. For the young students, school and home cooperation plays an important role, and for patients who needs marihuana for medical use should be better under the guide of professionals. Only in this way, a harmony application of synthetic marijuana and many other synthetic drugs can be achieved.

What’s worth to be mentioned is that not all synthetic drugs will bring adverse effects. The most distinguished point between the two is that synthetic drugs don’t work in the exact same way as natural ones. Up to present, many drugs and supplements are made by synthesis chemistry to be cheaper and more accessible. Without synthetic drug, there would be more people staging in the hardship of poverty with nothing can be done to get rid of diseases, and there would be more incurable diseases.

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Ada Brown is a staff writer from BOC Sciences(http://www.bocsci.com), a pharmaceutical supplier. By combining the professional knowledge the company provided with the common concerns on medicines and health products, Ada writes articles in an easy to understand manner while expressing information.Besides her articles concern about the medicines that are made by synthesis chemistry (http://www.bocsci.com/Custom-Synthesis.html).