Wanting to take your audio game to the next level? Well, it might be time to invest in a new pair of headphones — or earphones, or perhaps even earbuds.

Deciding on how you’re going to listen to your favourite tunes isn’t easy. Fortunately, this simple guide is here to help you pick the right audio product for your lifestyle. And once you’ve done that, it’ll be time to discuss the benefits of opting to rent appliances and electronic devices, including headphones and speakers.

What style of headphones do you want?
Headphone technology has come a long way and consumers these days are lucky to have a wide range of audio options. The first step in deciding on your preferred headphones is picking a style.

While the term ‘headphones’ is often used to describe all audio products, it’s actually a very specific type of listening device. Headphones are designed to be worn on or around a user’s head, with two sponge-lined speakers linked in the middle by a thick band.

Earphones, on the other hand, are designed to be inserted into the ear canal. They often feature silicon buds that mold themselves to your inner ear.

Finally, earbuds are those that sit just on the outside of your ear canal. These are usually one size fits all but that’s not necessarily a bad thing — Apple’s famous headphones would be considered earbuds and they are quite possibly one of history’s most popular audio products.

The style that you want really depends on what you will be using your headphones for. Many people recommend earphones for high-impact activities, like going to the gym, as they are less likely to fall
out. Gaming enthusiasts often prefer large headphones that provide a truly immersive experience.

Of course, if you decide that you’d prefer to play your music out loud, a speaker rental might be more what you’re looking for!

Whatever your needs are, you can be certain there is an audio product for you.

Wireless or not?
Your next decision is whether to opt for wireless headphones or not. These days, the choice has usually been made for you, with most products being Bluetooth compatible.

There are several advantages to wireless headphones. To start with, they tend to be more portable. Whether you’re on the go travelling or working out at the gym, the lack of wires just makes life simpler.

These days, many top of the line phones don’t even come with a headphone jack, meaning that wireless is the only way to go.

However, you should keep in mind that wireless headphones will need to be charged regularly, which is perhaps the only advantage that wired products have over their counterparts.

Tips for maintaining your headphones
With the right care, your headphones can last a very long time. Follow these easy maintenance tips to get the most out of your audio product

  • Store in a protective case: Regardless of whether you have headphones, earphones, or earbuds, all these devices need to be stored carefully. If you have Apple’s AirPods, never leave them out of their case. If you have a larger pair of headphones, consider investing in a soft protective bag to keep dust and dirt away.
  • Keep the volume under control: Playing your headphones too loud for prolonged periods of time can damage not only your ears, but the product itself. Stick to moderate volumes and take a break from listening every few hours.
  • Don’t share earbuds with other people: Sharing is nice but not when it comes to earbuds or earphones. For health and hygiene reasons, try to avoid sharing devices that sit in your inner ear.

Made your decision? Now apply to rent!
Headphones can be an expensive investment, particularly if you are looking for a top of the line device. The good news is that choosing to rent appliances, including electronic devices such as headphones and speakers, is a simple way that you can get your hands on the latest product without the stress of a large upfront payment. While you’re at it, why not investigate the possibility of getting your hands on other popular tech products, including the latest smartphones, through mobile phone rentals.

So, once you have done your research and made a decision on your preferred product, check out the deals offered by rental providers for a convenient way to listen to all of your favourite music.

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