Did you know that creating and selling digital download products is an excellent way to expand your audience, and share your message online? In fact, many of you probably already have audio and video products that you sell as CDs or DVDs, earning you a healthy income which could be increased exponentially by selling digitally on the web. Or perhaps you may have recordings of lectures and seminars that simply sit idly, earning you no revenue.

Digital downloads are the latest & greatest way to get your content out on the Web. Here are the top 3 reasons you should consider adding downloads or switching to them completely:

It’s green: No packaging waste, no shipping emissions
It’s convenient: Your customers can access the content when they want it so they can get your expertise today, rather than waiting for something to arrive in the mail
It’s cost-effective: No need to pay for design and package product and shipping associated with hard goods.

Consider one story of a best-selling author who had boxes of tapes sitting in a warehouse, gathering dust. To turn this forgotten but valuable content into a yearly six-figure revenue stream, all it took was a partnership with a new digital media publishing company. That partner was iAmplify. The year was 2005. And, the program continues to thrive today through their technology and publishing platform. This is just one success story that has come from experts like you switching to digital downloads.

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Find out how you can create a new revenue stream and expend your audience by emailing expert@iamplify.com. Join experts and partners such as Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle, David Allen, Martha Stewart, Bloomberg, and Beliefnet.com in creating your digital download business today.

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