With countless number of fashion blogs cropping up each and every day in the content writing industry, along with the already existing popular fashion blogs which have already learnt the technique of making money through their blogs, it is very difficult to gain recognition through your blog and make money. However, with the help of some grit and determination and the will to devote yourself to your blog, it will not be difficult for you to convert your fashion blog into a money making machine.

There are three exciting ways by which you can make money through your fashion blogs in the world of website content writing. Let us check the three popular ways:

• Generating Ad space: For you to make money through your fashion blog, your blog must have to be visited by thousands of visitors every day. And for that to happen, visibility is very important. And for visibility to happen, you must start dedicating some serious time behind your blog. If you are not dedicating enough, there is no way that you can earn money through advertising. You must continue content writing about the things that you love about your fashion statement and try to make a brand out of it. Every brand has some unique features. Find and promote them aggressively. Regularly updating your blog with exciting fashion content writing and at the same time posting your comments on other’s blogs are vital if you want more traffic to be generated for you. In website content writing, it is very important to note the growth in the traffic for your site through Google Analytics and other site meters. Based on the statistics provided, you can start selling your ad space to others. Provide 300×250, 160×600, and 728×60 ad spaces for sale to various business organizations, display your site growth data and see if they want to post their ad on your site. With every fashion blog, the factor that will draw more and more advertisers towards your blog is the growth in traffic.

• Pop-up Sale: in article writing, hosting pop-up sales is the perfect way for bloggers to make money. However, this is not a direct process like selling your advertisement space. Every fashion blogger can use the content writing for their fashion blogs to promote and sell their products offline. You can host a one day sale for your products at a local fashion store or a boutique and promote the same through your fashion blog. You can always use your blog to advertise your sale as this will be free and hence make money.

• Sell and Promote a Service: you can also include various services that are provided by you in your article writing for fashion blogs. There are many kinds of services provided by fashion professionals that include photography, styling, dress designs and even content writing for other blogs or websites. In order to sell your service, you must first create a profile of the kind of service you provide and post it along with blog writing and posting. This will give the readers a chance to look at your work. You can also make full use of popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr and others to promote your service.

These are three very simple but grueling and time consuming steps that will definitely help you to earn money through your fashion blog. Maintain the standard of you blog by regularly posting original content writing material and the money will follow.

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