Become a well paid advice columnist working from home. Earn approximately $75 per hour with no expense. Let's first find out if you tick the necessary boxes.
Are you a kind person who would like to help others? Are you the sort of person that others want to tell their problems to?
Are you the sort of person that others listen to? Are you good at supporting others and being sympathetic with them? Have you got a logical mind, are you good at piecing together facts and seeing the whole picture? Are you wise about relationships and people? Are you patient? Are you non judgmental? Are you good at reading, writing and spelling? If so then it sounds like you do tick all of the boxes and may well be in the wrong job at the moment.

You may be looking to change, you may be unemployed now and need a new start or you might want something very part time because you have a busy life and put other interests and commitments first, or do not want to give up your current business or career. You know that working as an advice columnist pays very well and you can earn more from this part time than many earn working full time.

What else describes you? You can be young or old, male or female, live anywhere in the World, so long as you are able to commit to part time hours at least, and are not looking to move on quickly, we need some sense of commitment from you, as clients will get used to writing back and forth to you and not want to have to find a new person after just one or two emails! And, of course, if you promise to be working for us every monday we would expect you to stick to it and not keep chopping and changing each week.

We urgently need four people who can tick all of these boxes. If you want to help others and greatly improve your income this must have been fated and part of your karma.

If interested apply at the website at Go to the article section, then to the age about the job opportunity, read it carefully and apply through that p0age if interested. Do not apply any other way. You are not committing yourself if you apply. Good luck.

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Beth Shepherd psychic, therapist and agony aunt.