Earn £60 per hour advising clients on love from home. Maybe you are unemployed now and considering returning to work, or maybe you get bored and would love to be busier. Either of these is ideal for us.

Our websites help people who need guidance and advice on their lives. They come to us as individuals wanting 1 2 1 confidential private guidance and insight into their lives so that their futures can be better. If you would be good at advising our clients for us, and your guidance and advice would be considered a good investment, with people happy to pay for it, please read on. We could be interested in employing you part time working from home - very flexible hours - no outlay. We now need three new members of staff to work under our leader and founder Beth Shepherd the well know agony aunt, advice columnist and relationship adviser. People come to her for advice through telephone calls and personal private confidential 1 2 1 email sessions from all over the World. Beth works at this full time and it is hard for her to keep up with demand without letting people down by making them wait for their consultation. Other clients would prefer to consult someone who works under her because it is cheaper.

Of course, there are so many people wanting to consult her that she has not got the time needed to individually help each one, so she needs staff to help her. Reliable people with common sense, intelligence, knowledge, resourcefulness and initiative where she can pass on clients to them and leave them to do that work without help from her or other members of her staff.

We get people asking if we will take them on and let them work for us for free, in return for giving them free training. But it is too time consuming, and we also get people offering to pay us to train them, same again, and we are under staffed. So we are seeking out only those who are able to take on a client who needs advice about a particular relationship or situation and handle it themselves. With them being paid for each consultation the client has booked and paid for in advance.

If you have common sense and knowledge of life and people you will find this easy. If you are the sort who needs guidance and help yourself then please move on. We need people we can rely on to do this well and who can prove before we hire them that they are the sort that people would be happy to pay for advice.

We will gladly furnish a lot more information about this to anyone who sends us enough information to convince us they are not time wasters who are simply hoping this is some sort of get rich scheme, bored or curious. Everyone who sends us sufficient information in their one and only email and looks genuine and potentially worth offering a job to will receive this information quickly.

There are no sign up fees or outlay, every penny you get is profit for you other than the cost of your computer and electricity. The pay is good, but there again if you are smart you should already be used to earning good money and not need this job to survive. We pay £60 ish per hour, it varies because some take longer than others to read through and reply by email at clients.

Go to the website please if interested, check it out to work out what sort of person would be of value to us, work out if you would be an advantage to us and then if you believe you would be email us convincing us of this. Please bear in mind that as Beth Shepherd is well known and very busy with clients she will not be reading and replying to your first application by mail, she has staff to do that for her. And they only reply to genuine and suitable enquiries as they are busy too. If you are successful and you become one of our staff you may get to know her later.


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Beth Shepherd psychic, agony aunt, therapist and life coach. http://www.accuratepsychicreadingsonline.com