Earn £60 per hour as an advice columnist.

Most of the clients who come to us are worried about their love life or lack of it but you may well be asked to advise someone on any other matter that involves feelings or a person's future. Dating and divorce, domestic violence, abuse, loneliness are all common. Are you the sort of person that people love to tell their problems to? A good listener? A person who has patience, is on the ball, is understanding, is able to see the whole picture when someone is talking about their situation or problem? We are seeking three new members of staff who can grasp these subjects easily, people who our clients would be happy to pay for advice and support by email or phone.

We have a very busy website. Our leading psychic Beth Shepherd is very well established, reputable, very well known and popular. People come to her from all over the World to speak to her on the phone and receive emails from her. Some of those people are wanting urgent help or cannot afford to get the help of a senior advisor and would like to speak to or receive emails from less known people where it is cheaper. Naturally when someone is that popular they are too busy to deal with all the work, enquiries, office and behind the scenes things. Their time is too valuable for that and they do not have enough time to spare anyway.

So we need people who are very capable who would work under Beth as very capable and caring junior advisers. These people must be excellent at English, know a lot about feelings, love, emotions, divorce, marriage and relationships. AND not just the obvious stuff like he left me and I hope he is coming back. All the rest that goes with it.

We hire people on a part time basis, choosing their own hours working from home when it suits them, up to a point. We may insist you work some days but you would know that in advance and still have freedom on other days. You get paid for each and every client you write to or speak to on phone. You find it easy to speak to strangers. You find it easy to know what to say and take control of a conversation or emails.
You find it easy to write a unique, appealing, interesting and informative email without needing questions or clues or help from the other person on what you should tell them or what they need to hear. Unfortunately we are not in a position to be able to take on people who need to be totally trained from scratch. It would be far too time consuming and exhaust our resources. We sometimes get people contact us asking if they can pay for lessons in how to be capable at advising others on their love life etc, and we are considering this, but we would need to be able to hire more competent staff first.

If you are interested please go to our website and have a good look at it to get a flavour of how we work and what makes our clients tick. Then incorporate what you have learned there in your email to us. Through the contact page.
We receive a lot of applications so Hi, please send me details will not work. Nor will telling us that everyone loves to talk to and tell you about their problems. Have heard all of this many times before. We have to see that you are someone who is capable of earning money as a listener and helper. Someone people would be happy to pay for their help and guidance. People who are interested in people.
You have to sell yourself to us. Not us to you. We are seeking people who are the real deal. Not just people who are short of money and hoping this will be the answer to their problems.


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Beth Shepherd. Many years of experience as a psychic and relationship expert. http://www.accuratepsychicreadingsonline.com