Earn £60 per hour as a life coach online...

People come to us for life coaching on all different subjects but most of them want help with their relationships.

This is your chance to shine and shine brightly - though if you are the sort of person we are seeking and need you are probably shining already.
We need three more people who have a lot of common sense and experience of life. People who are bright, people with a lot of common sense and resourcefulness. You may have hard a difficult childhood or gone through a struggl, you may have watched others who are struggling to find happiness. Whatever you have gone through you have coped with it well, your head held high and learned from it. You know how to solve a problem. You know how to make wise decisions. You are good at seeing the light. You know how to be true to yourself and you know how to get others to be true to themselves, so that they find happiness and peace. You are a leader not a follower.

Our leading psychic and relationship expert and life coach, Beth Shepherd, is unable to cope with the huge number of people who write to her for guidance, advice and help, accurate psychic email readings and life coaching, sometimes by telephone. They live all over the World and would rather consult someone who is in another country than someone local who is not as competent. Some regular clients have consulted her for years. She is well established and cares deeply about each client. She is busy and there are only so many hours in a day so rather than turn some away she passes them onto someone who is less experienced and prominent but equally caring who can help them with their wisdom and insight and compassion. Someone eager to help them on the telephone or through email sittings. If we hire you you will be paid for each phone call or email you write to a client. Hence the £60 per hour assumes you take the average length of time one of our staff would when in touch with a client. You may earn more or less. That is up to you. Some earn more because they are faster thinkers and type faster. We currently seek someone who has some spare time to work for us on a part time basis helping clients who need support, empathy, guidance and sometimes solutions and answers.

We sometimes get people write to us asking us to hire them for free - yes for free. Because they would love be able to tell other potential employers they have worked for us, and learn through the experience. But we need people who can do it well from the beginning, not those who need to be nurtured and taught, not beginners. You may have already worked in a similar field. You will maybe have been helping people professionally. You are certainly used to thinking and making decisions on a daily basis.

If you are a natural at problem solving and making decisions, at understanding others and feeling their pain, please go to the website and have a look. Get a flavour of how we work and what our clients are into and seek. Then put together an email which convinces us that we should consider you. Please note this is for people who can help others. We are not able to train people, we actually get people wanting to pay us to train them and turn them away because we are too busy helping clients to be able to. We may offer this additional service in the future when we are fully staffed. If we are ever able to offer this it will appear on the website as an option. While we are short staffed it is impossible.

As this opportunity is so specialised, niche and unique we treat every applicant individually. You begin by sending us a great and informative email convincing us that you would be a valuable asset to us, not just the usual I love to help people or people come to me with their problems! You see lots of people may come to you with their problems - maybe family and friends or people at work - but how many of them would consider that you were good enough to charge them properly for that listening ear or help? How many would return for more if they had to pay a proper fee for it? Bear in mind that Beth is far too busy to read and follow up your emails. She hires staff for the behind the scenes work, and they are very busy too, so they can only respond to a really well written and promising email. Show us that you have talent, knowledge and a sympathetic nature. Not just that you have spare time and a desire to earn more.


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Beth Shepherd psychic and relationship expert.