Earn £60 an hour advising people on love - no experience needed.

Are you keen on getting a position helping us? We seek people who are very tuned into feelings and emotions, good at understanding others, good at working out solutions to problems, good at explaining things to strangers. You would be given an email from one of our clients and told that they require you to reply in 300 words, maybe 500 words, maybe 700 words. You would need to reply in a way where you are not repeating yourself, not waffling, not wasting time on repeats or telling them obvious things or simply going over what they told you, so that they really feel that having read your reply to them they are wiser and now feel better and know which way to turn.

This is something which intelligent people with common sense find incredibly easy, and those who are not good at decisions or working things out find impossible or difficult - which is why so many clients write to us for advice and we struggle to find enough people who can reply in a way which is good enough to help them.

Obviously our clients could go to a marriage guidance person, a relationship expert, a life coach or a therapist or counsellor, but they have chosen us because we do not expect them to go there in person for face to face consultations, nor do we expect them to keep coming back every week or every month. They want the first email you send them to hit the nail on the head and be the only contact they need about this question or problem they wrote to you about. That is why they are happy to pay.

IF you can give us at least ten hours a week... and you are keen to earn more, have lots of common sense and intelligence, then write to us about it now.
We will get a lot of response so please remember that.

Have a quick look at our website so that you understand how we work and what we offer clients and how you can fit in. Then contact us through the contact page explaining yourself please. http://www.accuratepsychicreadingsonline.com

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Beth Shepherd psychic medium http://www.accuratepsychicreadingsonline.com