We are all psychic because we are all born with a basic ability to be perceptive and tune into things, events and people. Some of us are more aware of it than others, some of us ignore it, some of us push it away and are not interested or are scared of it and some embrace it. Those who are very aware of it or who truly embrace it become great psychics and clairvoyants, able to foretell the future, delve into the minds of others, answer questions that most cannot answer and be more knowledgeable than most.

The most helpful type of reading is the email reading because it is invaluable to be able to re read it over and over again later. It also means you had an opportunity to ask any questions and make sure that everything you wanted to know was covered. Phone readings may be quick but you often forget to ask things and then forget what was said.

We have all heard of email readings, phone readings, face to face readings and the many methods that are used to do these readings. The Tarot cards is probably the most popular method. This is usually followed by basic readings using psychometry, mediumship or scrying. Other methods who are fairly popular include Angel cards and astrology. As astrology is based on numbers and science you do not need to be at all psychic for that, simply learn the art and do it well.

Some say it is wrong to earn money from your "gift". I disagree. For one thing you cannot do two jobs. If you are busy doing a different job because this one does not pay then you would be forced to be too busy to help anyone. And we all need money to pay our bills. For another there are lots of gifted people who get paid.
Musicians, gardeners, chefs, writers, sportsmen, singers,comedians, the list if endless. Each of these skilled people were gifted and some of them developed that further, just as a psychic and clairvoyant does. Some of them earn millions of dollars a year from their gifts!

With recessions making life difficult this is a good time to think of ways to help others whilst earning good money too. Becoming a well paid clairvoyant is an excellent way to help people AND earn good money too. You can work when it suits you. You can do it as a paid hobby or do it far more seriously. The choice is all down to you. Of course, the more hours you put in the more you earn. As you can do it working online your location does not matter. You can be self employed or you can work for someone else and let them sort out all of the administration and complicated stuff whilst you just get paid to do readings. It is all your choice. And you would be doing a well paid job with a proper hourly rate, not investing money or taking risks.

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Rosemary Price, famous psychic and clairvoyant with a lot of famous clients. Thirty five years as a full-time professional. Recommended by experts, celebrity clients, the Press, radio and television.