The area I’m really looking forward to this year is the herb garden. I must have just the perfect soil for herbs, because they’re thriving, every one I planted doubled in size.

The herb patch concept started as a wheel, but the space allocated has the wrong shape, so it follows the wild and unruly personality of my garden instead and has no definite contours. It sometimes spills into the lawn, but more often than not grass grows into it, to my great chagrin. I’m fastidious about keeping it free of intruders, nobody wants crabgrass in the turkey stuffing.

All of its inhabitants came out of winter with renewed enthusiasm, especially considering the fact that most of them are still donning their dried up winter wear. Suffice it to say the spring cleaning is not done yet. Oh, the shame!

When you plant herbs, remember that many of them will grow way beyond the space allocated to them and you will get a lot more plant material that you’re able to use. Don’t crowd them and go for variety, not quantity.

I was lazy and planted only perennial herbs in the herb patch. I keep the annual ones potted simply for convenience.

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