(New York, NY)—Garrison-Savanna Publishing announces the Spanish release of “Ice Cream in the Cupboard” by Pat Moffett.

“Ice Cream in the Cupboard” is the true story of Carmen Moffett, diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease at age fifty-three, and her husband Pat, who was forced to make heartbreaking decisions regarding her care. The book details the short time they had left together before she succumbed to her illness.

Carmen’s problems started with strange behavior—a hostile outburst here, a peculiar lapse of memory there. Then she became violent. Normally beautiful and vivacious, she was behaving in ways Pat could not understand. He consulted doctors, but no one could find anything physically wrong with her. Finally, years later, Dr. Gisele Wolf-Klein diagnosed the devastating illness. As Carmen slipped away, she reached out for Pat, managing to reserve three words just for him.

Kirkus Reviews writes: “With considerable polish and frankness, Moffett details the progress of the disease. The author crystallizes the issues surrounding early onset Alzheimer’s, a disease that will become increasingly prevalent as baby boomers move through their 50s. Cathartic and cautionary”

The book is a case study of how early onset Alzheimer’s can be misdiagnosed—or go undiagnosed altogether—for years. The book also reflects the emotional roller coaster many patients endure and offers solace to those living through the same experience.

“...[This] soul-bearing account is painfully honest and gives the reader a very personal perspective of this insidious illness and its overwhelming impact on all in its path," says Barbara Vogel, LMSW, Neuwirth Memory Disorders Program, Zucker-Hillside Hospital.

Mr. Moffett is actively involved in the Alzheimer’s Association and supports caregivers. He developed the Let’s Do Dinner program for caregivers of early onset Alzheimer’s patients.

For more information, please contact author at icecupboard@gmail.com or visit www.patmoffett.com.

The book is available on Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com

Author's Bio: 

Pat Moffett is also the author of the critically acclaimed book “Fortunate Soldier,” about his service during the Vietnam War. He is a world-renowned, award-winning business executive in logistics management. An expert in international trade, his articles and columns have appeared in journals, magazines, and trade publications. He is a lifetime member of the Vietnam Veterans of America. He lives in Great Neck, New York.