What can be normal is for a woman to wear very revealing clothes, and it might not matter where she is. Now, she could have a figure that not only makes her desirable to a lot of men but a lot of women could both appreciate and want to have the same figure.

This might be a figure that she was more or less born with, or there could be far more to it. For example, she might have spent a lot of time in the gym and been on a strict diet for many, many years.

The Other Side

Then again, irrespective if she has spent a lot of time working out and on a diet, she may have spent a lot of money on cosmetic surgery. So, she may have had lip augmentation, breast augmentation or enlargement, butt implants, and/or had ribs removed, for instance.

If she has only had one of these procedures, it is likely to have had a big impact on her appearance. And, depending on the work that she has had and how it turned out, she may or may not look as though she has had surgery.

One Consequence

With that aside, she can be used to receiving a lot of attention from men and women. In general, due to the responses that she receives, it could be as though she is a well-known celebrity.

Along with this, she could have one or a number of social media accounts where she also receives a lot of attention. This could be somewhere where she shares pictures of herself wearing very little.

One Step Further

It might go even further than this, though, as she may have another site where she reveals far more and engages in different sexual acts. If this is the case, she may use her body to earn a living.

Then again, this could be an understatement as she could earn more money in a month than a lot of people earn in a year. This will mean that the ‘content’ that she creates is very popular and lucrative.

Inner Experience

Regardless of whether she is a model and/or a ‘content creator’, she is unlikely to spend a lot of time feeling invisible, rejected and worthless. Thanks to the attention and feedback that she receives in the real world and online, she is likely to spend a lot of time experiencing ‘positive’ feelings.

Her body is then going to play a part in other people experiencing ‘positive’ feelings, and, the feedback and perhaps resources that she receives from them will play a part in her experiencing ‘positive’ feelings. Therefore, she will be giving something and receiving something in return.

A Different Experience

If she were to stay in and lose access to her social media account/s for a while, she might gradually start to feel different. This could be a time when she feels very agitated, and, before long, a number of ‘negative’ feelings might start to arise.

She could feel alone, invisible, ignored, unloved, worthless, helpless and hopeless. Due to this, she could strongly crave the attention of others and start to experience a lot of anger and frustration.

A Closer Look

One way of looking at this would be to say that she feels this way because she is being deprived of the attention that she has received for however long. Her system is then used to this experience and now that it has been taken away, it is to be expected that she would experience withdrawal symptoms.

Nonetheless, there can be far more to it than this, and what is going on for her at a deeper level may have played a part in why she has such a strong need to receive attention. There is a chance that these feelings have been inside her for a long time and these have played a big part in why she has gone down this path.

Going Deeper

Of course, wanting to look good and receive attention is part of being human, but, when someone feels empty, it can cause them to become consumed by their appearance and to need an endless amount of attention. Assuming that there is more to it and that these feelings were already inside her, it can show that she ended up going down this path to avoid how she really feels.

This is not to say that she experienced these feelings and then thought, “I will create a life where I receive a lot of attention as this will stop me from experiencing them”. No, most likely, she wouldn’t have been aware of how she felt and her unconscious mind compelled her to go down this path.

What’s going on?

What is likely to have played a part in this is the attention that she is likely to have already received for her appearance. If she hadn’t received this attention in the beginning and perhaps received attention for how intelligent she was she might have gone done a different path.

The big question is: why would she feel so empty that she needs to use her body to receive an endless amount of attention? To shed light on this, it will be necessary to take a closer look at what her early years may have been like.

Back In Time

This may have been a stage of her life when her mother and/or father were emotionally unavailable and unable to provide her with the love that she needed to grow and develop. Not being seen and heard by them on a regular basis and having her value and lovability mirrored back would have deprived and deeply wounded her.

Consequently, she would have often felt alone, invisible, ignored, worthless, unloved, helpless, and hopeless and rejected. To handle what was going on and keep it together and function, her brain would have repressed this pain and her unmet developmental needs, with her developing a disconnected false self in the process.

The Outcome

Another part of this is that she would have struggled to receive her mother and/or father's love, but, most likely, they had also been deprived during their early years and simply couldn’t give it to her. Many, many years will have passed, but she will still carry most if not all this pain and her unmet developmental needs.

From outside of her conscious awareness, these needs will be causing her to continue to struggle for the love that she missed out on. When she receives attention from others, her unconscious mind will believe that she is receiving what she missed out on.

It’s over

Yet, as this stage of her love is over, she will only be able to symbolically revive what she missed out on. It is too late for her to receive the real thing and this is why it won’t matter how much attention she receives, it won’t change what is going on for her at a deeper level.

Still, as her unconscious mind has no sense of time and is blind, it will allow her to be deceived into believing that she is receiving what she needs from her mother and/or father. A big part of what will allow her to feel whole and complete will be for her to face and work through the pain and experience the unmet development needs that she had to repress.


If a woman can relate to this and she is ready to change her life, she may need to reach out for external support. This is something that can be provided with the assistance of a therapist or healer.

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