I love the look of a cartilage piercing - it's a beautiful, modern update to the traditional lobe piercing. Plus, it's just a tad bad. However, if you are worried about the pain and healing time of a cartilage piercing, you may want to consider a non-piercing required ear cuff. You buy ear cuff from e&e Jewellery.

Should you get a cartilage piercing - or an ear cuff?- it is a hard question and there is no right or wrong answer. Here's what you need to know to make the right decision for you:



Super low engagement: If you love the look of cartilage piercings but don't necessarily want to commit, ear cuffs may be for you.
No pain, no infections, no healing time: Probably.

You can adjust your cuff: Because ear cuffs do not require piercings, you can move your cuff around to different places on the ear. Jewelry can give you so many different looks!


Not as secure as pierced jewelry: We make our ear pockets extra sturdy so they stay on (if you adjust them so they stay on when you give them a small tug, they will stay on even this season!). But - cuffs are less secure than pierced jewelry and can slip off.

Several limited styles: Unfortunately, you can't replace your cuff with a stud, horseshoe, or barbell.



Security and stability: With a cartilage piercing you can put on your hanger or button and just leave it in. No-fuss, no hassle - you can set it and forget it. If you like to wear the same earrings 24/7, you can opt for a piercing in the cartilage.

So many jewelry options: With an actual piercing, you can wear a wider range of jewelry. You're not limited to the hanger shape of a cuff - and you can switch it up with the barbell, flatbacks (though frankly, the frame is just so classic!).


Piercings Can Be Painful: The obvious struggle with cartilage piercings is the pain of piercing pain and its associated healing time. TBH cartilage piercings can be relatively painful (or at least more than a standard lobe piercing), but fortunately, the pain is usually short and sharp.

Healing Time: Depending on exactly where you get your piercing, the healing time can take anywhere from 3 to 18 months. The healing process for cartilage piercings can be lengthy and requires special care and attention in the area to reduce the risk of infection.

You cannot adjust the location: Given the duration of a piercing, you cannot adjust the location of your jewelry when pierced.

Accessorizing your ears doesn’t mean you have to get them pierced. Our edit of women’s ear cuffs features a wide selection of commitment-free ear cuff earrings, whether you’re looking for a sterling silver ear cuff or something plain and simple. e&e Jewellery is your go-to for crystal embellishments, while mixes things up with abstract motifs. Something for your holiday? e&e Jewellery has an ear cuff for that – think huggie-hoop styles and turquoise stones.

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Ear cuffs are a great alternative to getting your ears pierced. It can often provide the same or similar look of an ear piercing without the hassle and risk of infection that comes with a true ear piercing.