E-rim has come up with an innovative two-wheeler, an electric hybrid vehicle which acts as the perfect complement to the Toyota Prius.

The E-rim wheel Pedelec ( Pedal Electric Cycle ) system is a compact bicycle fitted with an electric motor that tops up the rider’s muscle power with an extra dose of torque.

With the effort of the E-rim team, we were able to put all the needed components in a tiny and elegant front bike hub. Brushless motor, batteries, electronics and sensors.

No apps. No extra wires and gadgets. No irritating setup.

Just swap your bike front wheel to transform your regular bicycle into a fabulous e-bike.

Because the electric hub motor only assists the rider’s pedalling up to 25 km/hr ( 16 mph ), the E-rim wheel does not need to be insured or registered, no licence is required to use it.

A full battery charge will give a range of 50+ kilometres ( 30+ miles ).
It takes just 3 hours the empty battery to be fully recharged from a domestic plug socket.
When riding downhill, the hub motor acts as a generator and supplies the battery
with energy.

E-rim is accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy with electric transport for environmental and health reasons.

The advantages of the E-rim:

Clean and green.
It’s assistive, but it’s still a bicycle.
It offers the speed of running, but with the effort of walking.
You can cover more distance per day with the same effort.
It can balance out two cyclists with varying fitness and abilities.
It entices non-cyclists to give bike travel a go.
It is great for people with injuries that stop them riding regular bikes. ( knee pain, back pain, asthma )

Get yours on https://e-rim.com

Author's Bio: 

Founder of E-rim Technology.
Over 25 years IT field working experience.
An amateur triathlete from year 2005.