The internet has paved the way for a new realm for marketers. Digital marketing efforts are gradually evolving to dominate traditional marketing techniques.
E-mail marketing is one of the most efficient tools in digital marketing. The trends in digital marketing evolve with the continuous evolution in technology.
E-mail marketing is not a fad that vanished in a few years from introduction. The technique is still relevant and used widely by marketers to promote their products or services successfully.
There are many positive advantages to implementing e-mail marketing.
Some of the important advantages of e-mail marketing are:-
The e-mail marketing has a wider reach than many other forms of marketing. The reach is global at a relatively lower cost.
There are roughly 2.6 Billion e-mail users and they own more than 4.3 Billion e-mail accounts in total.
The e-mail reaches the targeted customer successfully. The e-mail communication is secured and guaranteed communication. The message is delivered directly to prospective customers.

The e-mail marketing drives the desired conversions. The conversion rate in e-mail marketing is comparatively higher than many other forms of traditional as well as digital marketing.

Open Platform and Higher ROI
The E-mail marketing is carried out effectively with a better ROI as it is an open platform and the conversion rates are higher. This results in better ROI with minimal expenses.

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