Many organizations are switching on to internet based learning programs for their employees in order to save on costs. The potential and scope of e-learning is wide as there are several advantages associated with it including speedy learning and greater effectiveness. There are various organizations, which are engaged in offering e-learning solutions to the companies.

One of the highlighting features of e-learning solutions is that these can be customized as per the needs of the industry. Banking, life sciences, retail and education & training are some of the prominent domains for which e-learning programs have been developed. To create effective learning solutions for software and IT, 2D and 3D animation techniques and games have been used.

E-learning services have replaced the traditional methods of learning where assignments, feedback and evaluation were carried out on sheets. The onset of e-learning programs changed all these methods and new elements like blogs, polls, and discussion boards were introduced to the trainees. Along with learning, evaluation and feedback process were digitized which helped in saving a lot of time of both trainees and trainers. The learning process became collaborative as ideas and views of the participants were exchanged during the training process. To keep the employees abreast of current developments in the market, the learning modules are updated time to time. Moreover, before implementation, these inline learning modules are duly examined for localization, functional correctness, content, instructional design, and media mapping.

One of the important aspects of e-learning process is social learning, which has transformed the learning process. The reach of social media is immense and so is its impact. More and more organizations are opting for this mode of learning process due to its effectiveness. The training program combined with social media is also being widely adopted by the small scale organizations as. Wizdom social is the name of the tool, which is used for the social learning process. There are catalogues of learning models, from which users or participants can choose from. Further, users can also give feedbacks to the modules and recommend these to friends, if they find it interesting. This is the highlighting feature of the Wizdom social, as users can learn while being logged on to their favorite social networking site. Employees of e-learning company are widely using and appreciating this tool.

Now-a-days, one of the most popular modes for implementing the e-learning process is mobile. The advent of smartphones has proven to be a boon for mobile learning as individuals can use it while on move. It is not only simple to access but is also very convenient. Many of the new organizations engaged in providing e-learning solutions are creating content for the mobiles, so that more and more individuals get benefited from it. The smartphones are the new age devices, which are used for availing information, coaching, assignments, evaluations and feedback.

Custom e-learning has widened the scope of e-learning as companies before developing the content, study the requirements of the organizations. The subject matter is created in such a manner that the employees gain maximum benefit out of it. The computer based instructions; graphics used in the e-learning solutions, helps the trainees in getting better understanding of the subject.

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Gireesh Sharma is an author writing on Human Resource Management. His expertise includes e-learning solutions, E-learning services and other Learning & Development matters.