Online learning has been on the rise in recent years. The reasons for this could be attributed to convenience, cost, and accessibility the system offers compared to conventional learning. The Covid19 pandemic has fueled this growth by shutting down schools and colleges globally.

Many organizations are already embracing many of these technologies, and trends suggest that e-learning is set to become even more seamlessly embedded into the day to day workflow. 

For employees, online learning is significant to uplift in their careers. You can achieve your goals while balancing jobs and schedules with some of the best online courses. It can help to develop their skills at their own pace and keep records of their learning for future reference. In this way, employers can gain knowledge while fulfilling their responsibilities within the organization. Companies can gain a higher-skilled workforce by making an initial investment in an eLearning platform for enterprises.  

5 Promising Features Of Online Learning

  1. e-Learning Offers more convenience and flexibility

Many professionals like me ost interest in education because we were not able to fit studies around our work schedules. 

Online learning platforms offer more convenience and flexibility to study at our own pace. Many online courses have strict timings only for submissions and deadlines; those looking to upskill themselves can use tutorials and videos between jobs or schools to have the best of both worlds.

  1. More Students Can Enroll At Once

Online learning classes that depend on pre-recorded videos and tests can have an unlimited number of students enrolling. So many popular courses today have thousands of students simultaneously enrolled, and since there’s no need for physical classrooms and seats, more students can enroll in a single course at once.

  1. Enhanced Learning Experience

E-learning offers a better learning experience by allowing students to learn at their own pace. Also, students can learn from places they're comfortable being in. This makes them more likely to approach learning with a positive attitude. Getting read of commutes, class timings leaves students with more energy to attend classes.

4.E-learning is Cost-Effective

Online learning is always worth the cost. Students also save a lot on accommodation, textbooks, transport and other factors that contribute to the full learning experience in conventional schools. Online learning slashes most of these costs at more than half, leaving students to make the most of the affordable prices they’ve paid. Having a lower cost doesn't mean that e-learning compromises in quality. It only ensures that a large audience has access to courses that were once reserved for those with higher budgets.

  1. Higher Retention rates

Studies show that retention rates are higher in e-learning than in conventional university courses. This is mostly due to the decrease in the stress factors present in traditional schooling systems. Students can learn and practice at their own pace; their course material is also available for a lifetime.


eLearning certainly offers distinctive benefits over traditional classrooms to students. Meanwhile, online education institutes like Coursera and Udacity will only continue to advance their facilities with technologies like Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. The way online learning is transforming education, certainly foresee the future of education. 


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