Online learning about health and safety came because of technological advancements. E-learning is often referred to as online training and is a description of the style or method in which a student studies a training course.

Traditional way of learning

The traditional way of learning is based on the classroom and in the current training industry it is still the most outstanding way due to its interactivity of tutor and delegate. Classroom training is a course taught by a qualified instructor or coach at a specific location, and the course is generally taught for a relatively high number of delegates, for example, ten to twenty people.

Distance education

Distance learning is a more recent development, which is, as it sounds, an effective method of studying in a non-classroom setting, for example, at home or at work.

Distance learning is the provision of course material to be studied by a student in an environment that he or she feels is appropriate and comfortable. The earliest forms of distance learning included reading print and then taking an exam at a specific location, however this method advanced to a more interactive learning model known as CD / DVD format and is much more advanced than print .

An interactive CD / DVD is inserted into the student's PC at the location of their choice and the course material is systematically delivered to the student on a computer screen. CD / DVD based course material generally contains a dedicated help section, diagrams, aesthetic designs, and other elements designed to make the learning process more effective and enjoyable.


E-learning is very similar, however the course material is delivered online and accessed via the Internet using a PC or laptop. In my opinion, this is by far the most advanced way to study outside of group-based classroom settings. Online training is, in many cases, a preferred learning method as students can log into their work or home PC without having to carry a CD / DVD or other printed course materials with them. Students log into the online learning system by entering a username and password and can continue studying where they left off during their last session.

Online exam

In many cases, exams can be conducted online, however, some examining agencies prefer that they be conducted in a controlled environment while being examined by an inspector and may therefore require physical assistance for an exam.


Online health and safety courses are generally purchased in the form of a software license and in many cases are non-refundable after the start of the course due to the software license. Therefore, it is important to ask training providers questions related to exams, certification, and additional costs prior to purchase.

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