The Dyson brand was launched by Sir James Dyson in 1991, though not knighted at the time. The technology was developed even further back some decades before after he was frustrated with the present technology. The point wasn't to create a status symbol; it was to create a great product.

However, like Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak at Apple, this regular home appliance brand did become one of the most internationally beloved ones of its time. Besides vacuums, they've even expanded into other areas with new products. If you try to visit and check what is Dyson's newest product, there are actually quite a few that are available if you haven't checked in a while.

The Dyson Company's Latest and Greatest Innovations

Air Purifiers, Heaters, and Humidifiers

These types of machines look just like they've been made for a movie set, but they've actually been made for your very own household or apartment. While this product category is meant to condition the air in your house, three distinct models are available, though they each share the others' main cooling qualities. This includes a system for filtration that eliminates more than 90% of what's around your house.

Salon Quality Hair Straighteners, Stylers, and Dryers

While you may think that hair styling is too small a niche for this international appliance company to get into, you'd actually be wrong. This brand hasn't been in the fashion and style industry for long, but it has quickly grown popular in numerous professional and stylish salons worldwide. The hair dryer and styler are both professional-grade appliances for the home and salon. The hair straightener is more of a home accessory with its cordless design.

Indoor Lighting for Whatever the Occasion Is

There are desk lights as well as bigger lamps for whole rooms. Depending on what you need, they're portable enough that you can mix and match for your own household. Of these three categories, this is one of the most minimal available, and it actually caters to just about everyone.

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