Upgrading Dynamics NAV to Dynamics Business Central?

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Dynamics 365 Business Central, formerly known as Dynamics NAV or Navision, is currently one of the best-rated ERPs on the UK market.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has a large installed base throughout United Kingdom, and Microsoft's ERP is chosen by most SMEs in the UK.

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a comprehensive business management solution designed for small and medium-sized businesses. How can you get the most out of it?

The evolution of the solution from its inception in character mode to the latest version presented by Microsoft in recent times gives us an idea of ​​the robustness of the software and the trust placed by thousands of SMEs in it.

Upgrading from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central

The programming Traditional objects NAV gives a technological leap with Business Central. With the new Microsoft software, programming in extensions appears, that is, the "core" of the ERP is not touched and all the modifications and adaptations that we carry out are made in a new layer of the software. This new way of programming in extensions added to the possibility of having our ERP in Azure allows us to always have Business Central updated in its latest version.

With the change of name from NAV to Business Central, Microsoft not only made a marketing change, but it has made a great technological revolution. In fact, it has opened a world, unthinkable years ago, of three-way collaboration between customer, partner, and manufacturer.

Business Central and AppSource
All this clearly justifies that in recent times many clients are taking the decision to upgrade their NAV installation to Business Central and that to the rest of our clients, the partners are trying to show that the correct way to save costs in the maintenance of their ERP it is the upgrade to Business Central.

In addition to all this, partners are building a suite of vertical and horizontal solutions that are available through the Microsoft AppSource.

In this AppSource we can find solutions for Business Central from partners around the world and that any client can install. This means that Dynamics 365 Business Central customers no longer have an exclusive relationship with their partner to implement any new needs that may arise in their day to day.

If you are still using Dynamics NAV (Navision), migrating to Business Central is no longer a recommendation to become necessary. Microsoft is no longer giving official support to Navision, which means not receiving updates and improvement patches. This can generate a series of vulnerabilities in addition to limiting our growth in technological terms.

At Dynamics Square UK, we are experts in Navision and Dynamics 365 Business Central. We carry out all kinds of migrations preserving your current data and custom developments existing in your Navision.

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What to keep in mind when updating to the latest version of Business Central?

For scheduled and automatic updates, having Business Central SaaS is essential.
The update takes at least 6 hours, so the ideal is to do it during non-business hours (at night, for example).
It is particularly important not to forget the update date, because if we do not choose it, Business Central will choose a random day within the range it gives us to update (April 16 to June 15). However, you will always notify us of the update date, and we can reschedule, cancel, or customize it.
In order not to miss notifications about when updates are available, when we have scheduled them and how they are being carried out, we must add in the tab "Recipients of tenants", the emails of the administrators who manage Business Central.
Starting with the big update (first wave of news) of Business Central version 18, we will also be able to schedule the small updates that Microsoft configures monthly. But until we have version 18, we will not be able to do it.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is designed to allow you to make faster and better-informed decisions. With deep integration with tools like Outlook and Excel, an intuitive interface, and AI-based insights, Microsoft's latest ERP makes it easy to manage sales, inventory, and other processes as it helps you grow your business.

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