The appointment of a general secretary is an element of the legal demand underneath the companies Act 1965 - every company should appoint a minimum of one secretary (the company might appoint over one secretary).

Eligibility of the corporate secretary

According to the businesses Acts 1965 '139A (a) '(b), eligibility to be company secretary is as follows:

• This is an associate degree adult person (18 years old) of a natural person along with his principal or his sole residence in an Asian country, and

• He is associate degree auditor (registered underneath the authority of a Malaysian accountant), or

• He is a chartered secretary (registered with the Malaysian Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (MAICSA) or

• He is a chartered secretary (Malaysian-licensed company commission on company secretary), or

• He is a professional (registered at the Malaysian Bar, or competent authorities)

• He cannot be bankrupt or be guilty of associate degree offense underneath firms Act a hundred thirty (1).

Roles and responsibilities of the company secretary

The roles and responsibilities of the secretary of the corporate in the Asian country are bestowed to the Association of Secretaries, that is regulated and controlled by the Commission of the corporate in the Asian country.

Here is that the responsibility of the corporate secretary at a glance:

1.tycoon and board consultant

• He is conversant in the provisions of the note and therefore the Statutes of the Society.

• He is terribly conversant in the various legal and restrictive bodies.

• He is liable for compliant with correct procedures and continued to suits the note and therefore the company's statutes and company law.

2.Compliance with the wants and recommendation of the law

• The company secretary contains a responsibility to make sure that {the company|the company} complies with the law as in corporate law.

• It acts as an official liaison with the corporate to speak, prepare and issue statutory declarations to Suruhanjaya Syarikat Asian country (SSM).

• It ensures that changes to the company's statutory information are submitted to the Registrar of corporations and a document completed in due course.

• The Secretary of the Society informs the Board of administrators of the dates on that the company's annual general meeting is going to be a command.

3. getting ready for board conferences

• The company secretary is needed to attend board conferences and, if necessary, offer general recommendation on matters with reference to the company's help affairs.

• The secretary of the corporate is that the link between the shareholders and therefore the company. In different words, he/she can send notifications (traffic resolutions) and communicate with stockholders concerning all shareholder and company conferences (AGMs) or an unprecedented general meeting (EGM).

4. Annual archive of come back

• The Company Secretary is additionally liable for the timely completion and completion of the company's annual performance and therefore the full budget inside the statutory time-frame.

5.Company seal storage

• He is liable for guaranteeing the safe care of the company's seal.

6. Primary contact purpose

The Company Secretary Malaysia is that the main purpose of contact for institutional and different shareholders, particularly company governance.

In addition to all or any obligations, the corporate secretary is additionally a key member of the company's acquisitions, divestitures and mergers, whereas protective the company's interests by guaranteeing the potency of all documents, guaranteeing due presentation of due diligence information, leaving associate degree acceptable business analysis before the transaction's execution; make sure the fast execution of documents, etc.

For the last time, the law needs every company to appoint a minimum of one company secretary from its company. Please be happy to contact the US once you would like to facilitate the appointment of the corporate secretary.

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