1: Really pretty, elegant drape where the Dupatta is taken over the head of the bride and brought in front to create a Deep you.

#2: Standard Saree drape with a pleated dupatta.

#3: Keep it chic and elegant wearing your dupatta on one shoulder and holding it in a loose drape across the wrist.

#4: As a bride, tie the ends of the dupatta to your arm. Looks pretty when you raise your hand for the Jaimala!

#5: Keep two dupattas. One spread across chest in your arms and one on your head. Or use two Dupattas as One pleated neatly on the side and the other is exactly like drape.

6.classic double dupatta drape. One on head, one brought from back to front Gujarati style.

#7 Great way to wear dupatta if you have two contrasting colors. Take one on your head in the same color as your outfit. Take the other one in a bright contrasting color from behind in your arms.

#8: Two dupattas-One keep on head, the other brought to form in the gujarati style but instead of pinning it straight, make a small U shape and pin to the other side.

#9 Take your dupatta and criss cross it over your lehenga. Hold it in your hand.

#10 :What an elegant way to wear a dupatta. Wrap it like a stole and pin the inside.

#11 One dupatta is kept on the head. The other one is in a very long, loose drape with pleating taken across the shoulder and then the end taken over the same wrist as the shoulder.

#12 One of the hottest dupatta trends is wearing a thin veil over the head almost like a christian bride, and keeping the second one pleated with a belt.

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